Yep…yep I’m back here again. I’m not sure WHY I decided to come back…I must be insane. Yeah. Let’s go with that. Well at least my insanity brings you people some joy. Speaking of insanity, we return to wacky haremness that is this show. Will this episode be any more reserved than the last one? Bwahahaha! ah…What…what kind of show do you think we’re watching here? Without further ado, let’s begin.

So the episode starts up after the main guy talking to Miia about the events at the end of the first episode. She’s very impressed with how cool he was, punching those people for her. He heads out to the balcony and is picked up by a harpie.


Yeah…there’s not really any buildup here. He’s kind of just…taken by the harpy. Don’t you just hate it when you’re minding your own business and then a cute harpy chick just picks you up and carries you off? I call that day Wednesday.

Anyway after he’s carried off he’s placed on a tree and the harpy talks to him. It turns out that she wants him to be her host family.

once again, Wednesday
once again, Wednesday

Seeing some ice cream she grabs him and pulls him towards the ice cream truck, but after three steps, she loses her memory.


Wait a second.

I’ve heard this before


Where have I heard this before……


OH FUCK ME it’s the same schtick that Piyo-tan had from Etotama!

Is that like… a thing in Japan that all bird people forget everything after 3 feet? Because honestly, i’ve never heard of that in America. Seriously..that’s got to be an Asian thing or something.

Anyway, I know what you’re all wondering. Hideki, where’s the sexual innuendo? Ah. don’t you worry friends. You see, not being able to hold the ice cream that he buys for her, he offers her his popsicle. and……this scene happens.

Yep...yep it's about as awkward as it looks
Yep…yep it’s about as awkward as it looks

and you know, just on the off chance that 1% of the people in the audience didn’t get the innuendo


There you go.

So being embarrassed as fuck he runs to take her to a fountain where she cleans off naked. Because why not? That’s when Miia shows up and she and the harpy get into a fight where of course more nudity ensues.


That’s when they discover that a kid is stuck up a tree. Miia, wanting to impress the main guy tries to save the girl but complete freaks her out and she falls. Luckily the harpy saves her. In the aftermath a cop shows up and he tells the cop that he’s looking after the two girls but when he asks for their papers, he doesn’t have them, but luckily Smith shows up with the papers to clear it all up.

(shown above, Smith saving the day)
(shown above, Smith saving the day)

She informs the  main guy that Papi (the harpy) will be living with him as nobody wants to host her as she runs away a lot due to her forgetful nature.

Papi wants to take a bath with him and Miia doesn’t seem to mind too much as she thinks that Papi is just a little girl. However, Smith informs her that she’s the same age as Miia and the reason she’s so petite is that if she had huge ass boobs then her race couldn’t fly. Now worried, she stops the bath from going through.

This is when our other monster girl enters the picture. A centaur.


Ah yes. and she has huge boobs. No, I’m not just saying that for the hell of it. The show wants you to know this. As they remind you CONSTANTLY of it.

She shows up basically out of nowhere because she’s looking for a master to serve. Who will she find? You guessed it, our main guy.

Unsure of what to do he calls Smith for advice and


JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! Holy shit Smith is HOT! I mean..I mean what happened?

Where was I? Ah. ah yeah. So he talks to Smith and she says that he’ll have to deal with her now and it’s her day off so she really doesn’t want to have to deal with it.

After that a purse snatcher shows up and steals a lady’s purse. Seeing this injustice the centaur lady insists they go and catch him. he tries to ride her, but she won’t let him at first but eventually yields.

They chase after him and…. let’s see here. Riding this busty centaur lady…what could possibly go wrong in this situat-

vlcsnap-2015-07-14-23h03m13s178Ah. there we go.

So they crash and the thief comes to attack the centaur lady, but the guy jumps in front taking a slash from her own sword she carries around.

Luckily we find out that the sword was fake so you know..he didn’t die.

We learn from Smith that rules are very different for Centaurs and trying to ride one without permission in their culture is kind of the equivalent of rape.

He apologizes profusely, but, of course, moved by his attempt at sacrifice, Cerea (the centaur) tells him that she wants him to be her master and basically get married.

I guess you could say...she's...endowed like a horse? (eye shift)
I guess you could say…she’s…endowed like a horse? (eye shift)

Then of course the other girls show up and now he lives with the three of them and that’s basically where the episode ends.

Whew. That was a long recap. However the funny thing is, a lot actually happened in this episode. Was it over the top sexual? Of course. Was it absolutely insane? Um. Hell yes. But…. honestly I would be lying if I said I didn’t laugh a lot at this episode once again. It hasn’t lost its charm yet and honestly, I like these 2 a lot more than I like Miia. Miia seems to be a very one-note kind of character and…i’m not really a fan of her. Papi and Cerea are just..they’re fun. While they want the main character that’s not their entire personality and I enjoy that about it.

As this episode didn’t focus on Miia I was able to enjoy it a lot more. I think Papi’s adorable and Cerea, while I didn’t like her immediately, she definitely grew on me throughout the episode.

The only real issue i’m going to have with this show is I HATE the “First girl always wins” trope that 99% of all harem shows tend to do and while i’m not CERTAIN he will pick Miia, i’m still not holding my breath for anything else as apparently Japan’s too frightened to do anything but meet with the status quo on things like this.

As long as you don’t take this show seriously (which let’s be honest, how can you really?) this show is still a hell of a  lot of fun. I’m glad I picked it up and i’m actually interested in seeing what happens next week.

The main guy may not be very interesting, but, let’s be honest. Who really watches it for the guy anyway?

Episode 7.5/10



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  1. Trejon

    This episode was hilarious my favorite scenes were the one with the cop after the main character lies for papi totally I didn’t expect the cop to ask him for papers the scenes with Smith were so nice she is gorgeous and the Mc fondling cerea had me dying lol

  2. Plinfan

    Well it appers in asia people think birds are stupid, ironiclly many birds are actully pretty smart. Other than that I can see it being annoying when you already know the first girls win`s, but I guess even if Miia is not that intressting, it could be worse “shifts eys at Etotama”.

  3. Mistic

    Ironically, for a series based on monster girls, I find the human Smith the most attractive of all. I think it’s her voice.

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