I am relieved to say this episode was not the dreadful, “Oh I have no time to waste, I must save my Kingdom” I was sure it was going to be, but instead continued to focus on the guilt Towa carries. I am happy they carried it on because I hate it when they resolve everything within one episode. Towa doesn’t feel like she has the right to be happy or to enjoy herself until her brother and kingdom is saved. She had moments when she was enjoying herself when Haruka and the others were taking her around town, but the minute she would catch herself with a tiny smile or a sense of joy, she felt horrible about it. It didn’t help when Lock appeared to stir up trouble and guilt trip her, planting the seeds in her mind how she is the one to blame, she brings despair to everyone she cares about or happens to be with. The saddest part was Towa believed him, and took it to heart. That’s how lowly she thinks of herself right now.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 23 Img 0024Today was one of those days where I have great appreciation towards Haruka’s character. She has the ability to recognize how grave of the situation it is with Towa. She is able to identify how Towa is reluctant to be happy, so she tries to best to make her feel that way, and to bring a smile to her face. Haruka right now is Towa’s key pillar of support. She tells her what she needs to her, reestablishes the faith she needs to have in her heart and herself, and provides her reassurance how she is no longer alone and they don’t and never will blame her for her sins.

It was entertaining to see Towa wander around town on her own. Being in an entirely different world, she didn’t know of the road rules and was walking in the middle of the road, she realized she needed her own place so she went searching for a castle with four maids, but then she realizes she has no money and tries to get a job, but she’s underage, so she can’t. It will be fun to watch her adapt to this new world and its devices!

I look forward to Towa forging a relationship with the other girls. Since she is a student now at Noble Academy, she will be Kirara’s new roommate. I look forward to seeing their personalities clashing because Kirara as you know is a very independent and Towa on the other-hand is extremely dependent. When she was going around town on her own, she was going on how she wanted a castle and three maids. Well now that she’s in school, there are no maids unless Aroma and Pafu shape-shift to provide her the service.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 23 Img 0029Now let’s get down to the juicy stuff. As many of us called out ages ago: it is now officially revealed how Lock is certainly not all what he seems. Heck, his child body isn’t even his true form- it’s his play aka Not-Even-Trying form! He is actually grown up and we have no idea how powerful he truly is! When I saw him, the first thing I blurted out was, “WHAT THE FUCK?!” because I didn’t expect him to have a grown up form! I wonder if Dyspear is aware of this. Perhaps it is one of the reasons why she assigned him to be in charge and gather the despair energy in the human world while she recovers in the forest of despair.
Speaking of which, the device she had provided to Lock- it is in fact gathering energy and regardless of the outcome of the fight, the energy will remain. Once it is fully recharged, expect trouble. Either Lock will use it for himself (I wouldn’t put it past him) or Dyspear will and the two will team up since Shut kind of been cast aside as the worthless musketeer until he finds a way to make himself more powerful.


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  1. Marcos Pinheiro

    This is another episode with full of surprises and new hopes!
    I like how Towa experienced the “new world” and getting a few smiles or amusement with her friends before she felt she didn’t deserve and ran off.
    Mochizuki Yume’s appearance is more important than I expected (yet she became the victim for Lock). I became very happy when she revealed to the girls who she is in the Noble Academy! I was like “Finally, now they know”! And yet she helped Towa and the girls very much in this episode. And… Well, personally saying that I have a feeling that she might know something about Pretty Cures, but I can be wrong about that!
    And Haruka is very cheerful and very helpful with Towa indeed (at first I thought she was overdoing it, but then I realized that she’s doing her best), she’s doing exactly what Prince Kanata asked her for. 🙂
    Another event that I like in this episode is that Scarlet is now officially the fourth member of the team and works together very well as a team. “All for One and One for All”! 😀
    And I must say, I also got very surprised to Lock’s adult form! Oh My God, he’s going to have a lot of fun with his strength afterwards, I think. Pity that Shut didn’t appear as I expected, but oh well, he has to be patient when his time comes. And looks like Scarlet’s power is stronger than I thought to cause Dyspear to recover her energy. And that device is very similar to the gauges used in Fresh, Suite and Smile (am I missing any other?), another legacy of Pretty Cure franchise!

    1. Keiko

      I’ve seen that despaired gauge too, it really reminds me much on the 3 of the Cure seasons you’ve mentioned. And awww, the famous line from (not the Dys Dark Musketeers) the Three Musketeers animation franchise and live-action movies is very suitable!
      Speaking of Shut, I’m gonna wait if he finally meets Towa/Scarlet and his reaction about her by the time comes.

      1. Marcos Pinheiro

        Me “two”, Keiko. And we shall see how Shut will react when he meets Cure Scarlet.

  2. Yoru Harmoni

    My friend and I have this theory that Lock might be Dyspear’s real child and he’s just acting like he isn’t to fool others or because well, it’s like with Twilight and Dyspear. Dyspear is just not a “motherly type” but still trusts her own to carry out her bidding. It would explain why Lock out of all the servants has never broken a sweat or worried about himself failing even though he’s never succeeded in defeating the precure.
    Shut being cast away makes me sad, a little worried and hopeful at the same time. Sad because chances are he’s not going to appear that much in later episodes and worried (and sad) because it could mean death is at his door and hopeful because Towa remembers how she was as Twilight, maybe remembers how she treated Shut despite his loyalty and show some remorse towards him. Maybe even try to redeem him, though I’m not holding my breath at this point. Yes Shut had a superficial relationship with Twilight, but part of me thinks he still did care and just doesn’t show it properly because he’s treated worse than a dog most of the time.He doesn’t know how to display proper affection being he was never given proper kindness and respect.
    Towa was cute and I agree with what’s been said in your review. Someone said that it’s going to take a lot for her to feel completely human, since she is a princess from another world no less. She not only feels guilty but way out of place within their world. So it’s a no brainer that in next episode, Twinkle is going to help her fit in and finally smile fully. We’ll see how that goes!

    1. Eva

      It crossed my mind too about Lock possibly being Dyspear’s true child!
      I have the same hopes too towards Shut. It would be sweet to him even make an attempt to switch sides, not necessarily on his own, but with the Precure’s help. Like you said, since Towa has memories of when she was Twilight, she may recognize Shut’s loyalty to her and see if she can move him to join her by acknowledging his loyalty he had towards her in the past (something he does not get Dyspear). It is a bit strange though to imagine considering the present is very different tot he past, but we’ll have to wait and see ; v ;

  3. Wanderer

    I am glad to see Towa’s development in this direction. It appears, as I’d hoped, her experiences have had permanent effects on her personality. She’s certainly not the same girl she was before she disappeared.
    Next week should be good. Two very different personalities clash in close proximity.

  4. Keiko

    I’m actually exercised the trope wherein a Cure from another dimension who ain’t no familiar with our Blue Planet, Earth, and its style of living. But what I’ve seen from Towa, oh man, sounds like she’s REALLY not familiar with Earth at all! I really like her when she’s got clueless at a real estate agent and a vegetable stand seller, which totally make me laugh. But when Mochizuki-sensei steps in and faces the now ex-despaired princess in an instant, the surprised headmistress of Noble shared some words of encouragement to Towa. Heck yeah, love the summer outfits much! Then I’m getting curious if Minamin bought Towa’s new clothes which is an indeed benefit to have a fab rich peep like our waving vice Cure.
    And… I am still not forgetting our resourcing Yui-Yui (since she’s the only one who knows the Princess Cures’ true identities) because it’s nice to see her hanging out with her superheroic partners but yeah. *sighs* Back to Towa, I don’t know why she feels so sad and all alone even with Haru-Haru and co and I ain’t tend to agree that she wants to save her precious big bro Kanata and the Hope Kingdom all at once, but this isn’t a one-peep job. The fight between Scarlet and Lock may not as intense as the last 2 eps., but it already puts our fire princess into a test between her own conscience and her own desire to save the peeps from despair by correcting her own sins.
    Damn that upgraded Zetsuborg has horns I must say! Plus Scarlet’s finishers – Scarlet Illusion and Scarlet Spark – with the Hanabi Key were pretty fantastic, then the roll call plus her with a “Go!” Again as expected from Flora, she really wants to see Scarlet to be happy and insures that she’s not alone anymore, which made put a cool smile on my face. My mind has been said that even Towa can do the same stuff as Set-chan and Ellen and yet overcame thanks to her newly-found friends. Lock on the other hand was just… Holy Tranza! He’s all grown up in a sudden! Snap I wonder if what he’s gonna do with the Princess Cures in the coming eps. and my own fishy suspicion on him was right! He was just hiding his own powers. O___O
    Speaking of Dyspear, I already smelled something fishy about her all over again but this time was her possible comeback attempt to get rid on the Haruno Squad once and for all, probably before the finale arc interlude, and if she does then which of the peeps importantly dear to them would be used as her trump card? Man, things are getting interesting yet super intense in GPPC! And… Towa was added to the OP walk and do the narrative stuff.
    Mochizuki-sensei, like I commented last time that she really reminds me of Otaka-san back in Yes! 5… Doing the disguise but the truth is yes, she really is the principal! And Kirara has her own roommate at last. Now I wonder if a model and a princess can tag up together and how they can deal with some things. That’s what I’m about to find out.

  5. HoHo

    I would like to correct your statement. Towa demanded a castle with three maids not four. She was so adorable in this episode. XD
    The fighting scene was very good again. Lock was hiding his true power just like many people expected. But his turning to adult was totally unexpected. I feel sad for Shut. He was totally isolated. I think that he will meet the same fate as Close soon…

    1. Eva

      Thank you for the correction, I have fixed it 🙂

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