This is it – the beginning of it all! The epic continuation of a series with a devastatingly dark premise! We’ve learned so far that Ibuki failing to save a friend out of his lack of decisiveness now also counts for his bargain with the red dragon, so what’s his response? Well actually he’s decided to take the obvious route here and decide to never interact with others again. He doesn’t want to be anyone’s friend or do anything that might put them in danger so what does he do? Isolation! That’ll work.

let me isolate myself by coming with you!!!
let me isolate myself by coming with you!!!

Honestly if it was me I’d make a ton of friends. Endless friends. Introduce myself as the King and even say “Look, being my friend could cost you. If you want to risk your life for this country being close to me is the best way to do it, but you might lose your life and if you make this choice then you can’t blame me. It might end in me taking your life.” Guarantee you 90% of soldiers or people who want this revolution will be like FOR MY COUNTRY? AIGHT.

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I mean, what else is he gonna do? He’s never going to be able to make absolutely no friends and unless he manages to unbind himself from the dragon he’ll always have that power in him. He can accept he will kill people close to him in order to give them a new world or he can push them away and likely die, rendering the deaths of his friends pointless but hey, at least no more killing right? Be a man, Ibuki. Murder those closest to you!

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In all seriousness it’s a tough choice. But he made it, and he’s gotta lie in that bed. He’s making the journey with everyone hoping to meet a merchant who might be able to help him unfuse. Meanwhile a lot of the episode is trying to endear Sweallow and it’s successful in a way I guess? We learn he is an idiot but he is important, and he gives us a chance to learn more since he forgets everything and needs it all explained to him.

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The best part of this episode is Lou. We finally see how truly insanely batshit that she is, and that her coffin buddy really is a weapon that can speak to her. Is he a person trapped in a sword or simple a very powerful sword that commands the loyalty of all? In any case, it seems the nature of it’s power makes he and Lou a perfect fit. It’s very transparent that she is trying to kill everyone in the party and I think it’d be interesting to learn if you can sacrifice a friend who betrayed you. Would that still count?

is this the face of a traitor ibuki???
is this the face of a traitor ibuki???

Eykha also has some really good moments with Ibuki and we see Ibuki’s growth is stunted, as anyone is allowed to be when forced to kill their closest friend for the sake of their country for at least 2 episodes, but what else were we expecting? We get a bunch of traveling montages as they head to Haiga to meet the Undead Merchant and we continue to get introduced to new people, and I do love how many bad mother fucker ass whooping women there are in this series.

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The episode ends by introducing the Undead Merchant. I have to say this pacing is almost bad? And I really cannot stand the animation at times, it goes to low points and the style just bothers me. Sometimes the animation saturation hurts my eyes so badly I have to turn it down because it is unnecessarily bright or the contrast isn’t enough so to show enough. The characters around Ibuki grow more interesting but I find myself trying to invest in the evil ones in order to grow attached. The only certainty is I know Ibuki will live for awhile.

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This show remains to me an anomaly. It’s sometimes hard to get through episodes but then it reminds us there are so many mysteries and conflicts that it stays interesting and makes me want to keep watching. Next episode all out warfare is on the horizon. . . oh Ibuki, putting yourself into war to avoid killing. You dope.



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  1. zztop

    Interestingly, Chaos Dragon actually started as a tabletop role-playing game, created by established games developer Sanda Makoto. To create support and advertising for a potential franchise, he organised a celebrity replay with several animanga personalities. The play-by-play transcript was passed to the anime’s screenwriter to turn it into the anime we see now.

    The players included:
    – Nasu Kinoko (Fate franchise creator):Creator and player of Swallow.
    – Urobuchi Gen (Anime writer and concept-maker): Creator and player of Lou.
    – Simadoriru (Doujinshi mangaka) : Creator and player of Ibuki.
    – Narita Ryougo (Author of Durarara!!): Creator and player of Kaguraba.

    1. Oki

      I know this, that’s the reason I picked it could I say no to these names? But knowing that Urobutcher made Lou…it all makes sense

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