Rokka no Yuusha Episode 3: The Girl Who Kills Braves

“You are a kind person, aren’t you?”


Rokka 3 Img005A part of me is already tired of the words ‘the strongest man in the world’, but at the moment Adlet is making up for it with all the stuff he does, from initiating target practice with Fremy to getting her to make cute noises when surprised. And as he’s using every method at his disposal to win his battles, he’s more ‘the most resourceful man in the world’ instead of the strongest (i.e. a total scumbag, if you ask Fremy). The real world isn’t so accommodating as to regulate how fighting is carried out, so I think what he’s doing is perfectly legit – and clearly, the Goddess of Fate does too.

Rokka 3 Img029Fremy is the Saint of Gunpowder (I was kind of perplexed, but then again there’s a Saint of Salt) and for some reason, she wants to do this entire thing solo. And not even Adlet thinks he can defeat the Demon God all on his own, so that’s really saying something. From what I can tell so far, Fremy clearly thinks that the other Braves will recognize her as the person who’s been going around killing them all, and so it’s kill or be killed. She was right, too – bunny girl and friendzoned-kun didn’t even say a word before trying to do away with her (I’ve come to really like Nashetania’s silver blade conjuring by the way, it’s one of the rare times I outright like the use of CG). But from Adlet’s perspective, Fremy’s status as a Brave is being put above anything else that could make him want to kill her – although he hasn’t considered that she might be the one committing Brave genocide. Maybe she became a Brave after doing all her killing, somehow? I think a bit more backstory would have been nice at this point, although I’m sure we’ll get the full explanation eventually. At any rate, he’s willing to help her knowing absolutely nothing of her circumstances, and even turns his back to her as she was preparing to shoot. Well, he would have dodged with his mirror anyway, but it had its intended effect. Fremy got confused despite her jaded and bitter outlook on life, and for the first time genuinely started thinking, ‘should I trust this naïve fool?’

Finally, is it just me, or does that barrier look like an elaborate trap designed for all the Braves? I don’t know, I just get the feeling that I’ve seen this sort of thing before – a group of travellers in a story decide to stop at a village, and end up realizing all the hospitality was a ruse for some ulterior purpose. Or it might just be me being cynical. It’s all well and good if one of them has to end up activating the barrier, since there are seven Braves anyway – or if they do all manage to make their way across to the Land of Howling Demons, the whole imposter thing will be solved soon enough. The real Braves are protected by ‘fate’s blessing’, which is great – they can all just go in, and the fake guy will die within a day. Problem solved!

Rokka 3 Img025

2 thoughts on “Rokka no Yuusha Episode 3: The Girl Who Kills Braves

  1. I think that situation is more like.. we need 6 ppl to cover all problems (end-boss, mobs everywhere, unknown enemy territory etc. ) and to seal/kill it in the end even though 6 is a weird number but whatever. Seeing how fremy cant do anything if she loses her bag, nashetanya beeing an amateur, adlet naive and weird.. i cant imagine them to win if there would be one less. since they dont know who the traitor is, that person “could” manipulate facts and their minds, ending in friendly fire and in the end game over.
    About the fates blessing.. imagine the fake guy being one of those demons but in human form or something along those lines .. I dont think that the demon-mist would work.

    Btw.. How are they going to get out of there after beating the enemy since that mist-wall cant be deactivated from the inside?

    1. Of course, it’d make sense if the traitor was a demon! I didn’t think of that. For some reason I keep imagining them as a human.

      As for getting out, maybe there’ll be a signal of some sort – like the water no longer being poisoned after the Demon God is sealed or something. But that really only adds to the list of reasons why I think it’s all an elaborate trap.

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