Well Denpa Kyoushi, we’re back for more wackiness this week. And not only that, it’s a one off episode. So yes, we don’t have to worry about another 2-4 parter! Hooray! So, what in the world is this episode going to be about? (If my title hasn’t spoiled it already) All well, the hell with it, let’s begin.

So the episode starts off with the chairman lady telling Kagami that he has to spend the night cleaning out an old abandoned section of the building with the students as it has went unused for a year. For some reason to which the other students can’t seem to understand, Kagami seems very gungho about this.

A few moments later they realize it’s because there is a giant manga library in the building.

What the- how come MY high school didn't have a GIANT manga library?
What the- how come MY high school didn’t have a GIANT manga library?

The rest of the students get to work as Kagami insists of taking care of this room himself. However, as they go on, weird things start happening like things going missing or glass breaking. They try to ignore it for a while, but Kagami’s sister starts to get freaked out and tells them all about how there was an accident in this building a year ago and a student died.

Kagami falls asleep while reading and when he wakes up sees a ghost of a girl reading manga.vlcsnap-2015-07-26-20h07m17s739

The ghosts asks Kagami to help her depart to the afterlife. Calling the chairperson back apparently this was her plan all along telling him she needed help with it from him because it would be amusing. Of course HONESTLY I think proving ghosts exist to the world would be a little more interesting buutttt who am I to question?

It turns out that the ghost girl is a huge fan of manga and really likes the manga girl from the previous episodes who’s in Kagami’s class and he offers to introduce her to her.

The ghost girl then meets the other students and tells her that she’s a huge fan and always wanted to see how a specific manga of hers ended but it was canceled in its publication before she could.  The manga artist rushes home to get the completed storyboards for her and lets her read it.

So if were to become a ghost, could I ask the guys from the Critic if Jay and Alice get married?
So if were to become a ghost, could I ask the guys from the Critic if Jay and Alice get married?

It looks like that she’s going to cross over but then doesn’t. At first she doesn’t understand why but Kagami realizes what it is by running to the pile of books and throwing the manga aside to reveal a drawing table.

Apparently the girl really wanted to draw a manga but the manga fell on her and she died.

Wait…so you’re telling me that a bookshelf fell on top of this girl and

  1. The school wasn’t sued up the ass


How the fuck did they even find her body?
How the fuck did they even find her body?

Seriously? Ya just left the pile there? Nice. That would be like if a car crash killed someone and you just left the car there and you were like “Fuck it. it will sort itself out eventually”

Well anyway, she really wants to try her hand at drawing manga. Unfortunately as a ghost it’s kind of hard for her to write. However, with the help of using Kagami’s life energy she’s able to complete a page overnight as Kagami herds everyone out of the room so that only he and her are left in the room together.

The page being completed about a girl who gets hit by a space station and dies only to come back as a spirit, Kagami deems it good, and she is happy, and able to move on to the next life, despite Kagami’s arguments that she has to stay to finish the manga.

Damn it, I hate it when I wish on a shooting star and it ends up being a space station. That's like.... a bad luck brian meme
Damn it, I hate it when I wish on a shooting star and it ends up being a space station. That’s like…. a bad luck brian meme

And that’s basically where the episode ends.

This episode was a very bittersweet episode. The girl’s dead so you know there’s really no way to help her with the exception of crossing over. This was an episode that focused a lot on the humanity of Kagami and it shows that he really is a good person, even with all of his otaku quirks. Although I did find it funny when he didn’t want her to cross over because he wanted her to finish the manga.

Pfff. That's something "I" would say
Pfff. That’s something “I” would say

I think one of the issues this series is having though is once a character is introduced they have a tough time deciding what to do with them. Because now you have the cafe girl, the anime voice girl, his sister, irregular twin tails, the chairperson, the yen chick, the geneva chick, and the cyborg dude and they seem to have a hard time balancing them a lot of the time.

This episode was a bit of a sad one, but I guess it all worked out in the end. Except for you know..the girl dying because a shitty bookshelf fell on her. That’s a hell of a way to die. Crushed by books. Oh well. At least we aren’t going to see that boring ass 4 episode stealer crossdresser again right?

(Next Week’s Episode)


Episode 7/10