The controversial debate continues on whether CROWDS in general are safe or not, that topic being the main issue of this episode. Rizumu did what he planned to do, which was make people question CROWDS. He was captured in the end but his mission was completed so he’s in peace. My question is what else Rizumu wants to do. So he wants to eradicate CROWDS, is that all?

Now things are going to be much more exciting as now Sugayama has stepped down as Prime Minister and is now doing this: he’ll run for the position again, but this election will also be about CROWDS. He asks the people if they don’t want CROWDS, then they shouldn’t vote for him as he is for using CROWDS. He believes that it has aided the people in many areas and that they will not become like the red CROWDS because X and Rui oversee all of them and thinks they will never get out of hand. But the other side of people believe that the blue CROWDS can go haywire any time and cause a catastrophe like the red ones did, so there’s a lot of opposition. So now with this election it will only be through smart phone. Another unorthodox thing about it? Anyone can nominate themselves to be a candidate, and there are no restrictions. So it could be a child, a teenager, an adult, elder, or even an alien. The candidate can really be anyone, and that’s where Gelsadra comes in.

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Before, Gelsadra went gerururu and listened to everyone’s thoughts and tried to think of people that can “end the people’s sadness”. She went to Millione, but then when she learned that the Prime Minister is someone with all the power over the country, she nominated herself to run. Hearing that people won’t take her seriously because she’s a kid, she turned herself into an adult. And a man. Okay? So there she…he…goes. That was unexpected. Gel barely knows anything about the Earth so the fact that he took this decision…well alright then we’ll see if people will even vote for him.

[HorribleSubs] Gatchaman Crowds Insight - 04 [1080p].mkv0030I thought Tsubasa would get along most with Hajime, but instead she doesn’t understand what Hajime says and thinks her way of thinking is a little cold and odd. Instead Tsubasa gets along most with Gelsadra. Tsubasa can really talk normally with Gelsadra and even says that the only one that understands her is Gel. I had hoped she would get along with Hajime but it’s not totally working out between them. Tsubasa hasn’t totally tried getting to know the other members either, except for Paiman. We haven’t really seen her interact with the other members by herself except that one small moment with Rui and OD. As of right now, even though Tsubasa is officially a part of the team, I feel as though she’s not really part of the team. I’d like for her to talk to the other members more, but she’s always doing other things like going on the daytime show or just hanging out with Gel. I’d just like to see the team interact more with her, but so far their views seem to clash with hers as we saw when talking about the election.


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  1. TheVoid

    You can tell she doesn’t really know or understand the other members when she thinks only she would want to go help the people having to clean up the Red Crowds mess, when Sugane and Hajime would go and do that.

    Also Gel may have always been a boy depending on whether or not that official website info is accurate and describes the kid form as “boy” and the adult form as “young man”.

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