This episode was another dose of different as we learned the origin of Miki and how she came to meet the crew. You see, while the other three girl’s started out in the school, Miki was at a mall with a friend during the outbreak. Because of this she had to go through a long ordeal to meet them and why could they just not set this up in the first place? The series would have been fine to just start here, instead we’re on episode 4 with a two episode flashback. I read the manga, I know how different this could be!

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That being said, I don’t have much of a problem with how it is. While it feels a little sloppy it definitely still does the job. And the job? Makes me hate these characters who are obviously ingratiated in a pop culture with Stephen King novels but can’t seem to imagine that leaving a room when you have food and water and waiting to stubbornly adventure with more than one person is a much better idea. Miki’s friend really wanted to leave and she needed to get the stick out of her ass. If she’d have waited, she and Miki would both likely be with the girls.

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I just don’t understand how people can be so stupid as to fight for some blind independence. How about you enjoy your life and be patient so the threat lessons? Zombies begin to disburse, you get a better calmer attitude, and you fucking jet it. That’s when you explore you fool not because you’re bored and sure this is no way to live. There’s a ton of books and obviously you have freaking batteries.

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This town remains suspicious as hell. They have running water in buildings long after the outbreak. My personal theory is that it’s the equivalent of the Raccoon City and they were overtly prepared because they were experimenting largely in this city with zombie stuff.

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I liked seeing more of Miki, and learning the origin of Kuromaru in this take. Seeing how everyone has come together in this alternate tale is great. While I know next episode will be a flashback I can’t hate it, afterall who can hate watching the completely existent teacher freak out over the state of her car?

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Haha, she’s probably an illusion.


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  1. I.D. nameless

    Kei committed suicide because it was the obvious thing to do. Don’t think for a moment that she was thinking something else than “I want to die” when she went out that door. And if you think other people would not do the same in her situation then you know nothing about the human brain.
    Also – Kurumi can drive because of gaming – and I also know mortal kombat so back up or I’m gonna break your face :))

    1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

      Unfortunately, at times we do just want to die when we feel as though we’ve been stretched to our limit and are stuck that way for a time… I just hope that she didn’t drown in guilt during her final moments over saying something during her departure that gave even the slightest bit of false hope to Miki.

      See, every now and then when someone attempts suicide and fails, if they can communicate afterwards they often times have thought “I made a mistake” during the moment they took the figurative (or literal) plunge. Feeling guilt on top of all of that would make for a real soul-crushing experience for Kei…

      1. Oki

        The thing about this whole argument is, the later parts of the manga demonstrate this way better. Miki and all the other girls express their inability to do it anymore and present it in a way better way than Kei. I can’t express feelings of sympathy for her when it meant abandoning others- she was willing to fight Miki but never to show her compassion in the end, only false hope. The real issue here is she flat out insults Miki, guilts her, and makes it clear she thinks she is the one being stupid. She doesn’t even realize she is trying to kill herself- she isn’t. She is blindly believing that there is hope and that risking her life is a better way to live. I understand that thinking, it’s just wrong. The existential feeling of being human is done way better by the other characters, Kei instead comes off as rude, inconsiderate, and wrong. I don’t hope she dies I’m just shaking my head at her like- why? Why are you letting your fear of not truly living interfere and hurt other people? Make the decision on your own, don’t outright hurt your friends with cruel words before you do it.

        1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

          [spoiler] It’s really a shame that a character had to be sacrificed to show how poorly some people would cope, but it definitely helps you appreciate what the other girls are doing to cope, as well as making it seem like it’s not just “plot armour” keeping them from suicide.

          If she didn’t lose it then, I wonder if she would’ve lost it during the helicopter crash. Her supposed reappearance shortly after that crash also makes it seem as though she starved to death :v She still had enough of a body to be an actual zombie after all… If only she had a teddy-bear, too. [/spoiler]

    2. Oki

      Insulting me is not the way to make a point. Kei didn’t want to simply die, she wanted to live, and she was willing to die to do so. Just because other people would do it doesn’t make it smart. I never said other people wouldn’t do it, but simply that it was stupid. . .and it is. As a depressive anxiety ridden person, it absolutely is.

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