This episode of Chaos Dragon really sold me on some of the earlier interesting factors of the show and reignited my curiosity. I finally feel a lot of love for Ibuki if only because he is the only character not dedicated to fucking over everyone else for the sake of his country. Yes boys and girls, this episode might as well be called: Episode 5, how we all want to fuck each other over for this small island country.

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We learn this episode about ‘Wedges’ – namely the Black and Gold wedges. These wedges, when used correctly, would allow D’natia and Kouran respectively to become to dominant magic of Nil Kamui. This would completely destroy the environment and magic balance in Nil Kmaui, likely causing mass starvation and a complete destruction of the people and their hopes- but hey who gives a crap about these plebeians right?

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This means that Sweallow, Lou, Gakusho, and just about everyone not from Nil Kamui are complete douchebags. Sweallow’s servant Meryil is an exception because she was the one to say ‘hey this is a little fucked up’ while Sweallow just gave in and basically planned to do this as soon as he was told. Ka Grava is extremely pretend neutral but seems to care the most. Meanwhile what is Ibuki doing? Actually struggling to be a damn decent person.

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I still like these freaking douchebags. The more I know they actually have agendas and didn’t just seem to fall away from their goals or ideals for no reason the more it makes sense. Even better, characters like Lou who completely ruin the plots and make sure everyone is fucked over constantly are absolutely good by me. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I absolutely hate Lou; then  I remember in some sick twisted way she is protecting Ibuki so she can kill him and give him to her sword.

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I’m excited because this means new stuff happens. Red Dragon is actually going insane and thus the curse on Ibuki, the nations definitely want Nil Kamui, and the curse of Red Dragon has created zombies in the series who are about to destroy everything. I think the only thing I didn’t like this episode was Lou’s completely broken sword almost one shotting my new favorite character. I’ll miss you, newly zombie-fied Gakusho.

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Next week we’ll see where this shit is going. I’m sure before too long the wedges will be revealed and Red Dragon told Ka Grava to come to the volcano so that can only mean deeply interesting story development will occur. I’m pretty sure if Ibuki finds out his friends have betrayed him no amount of cute plate breaking will save Sweallow and Lou from his adolescent rage.