Well…this certainly was a boring episode. Yeah, I don’t care that i’m saying my opinion before i even do the recap. This was a really stupid boring episode. And on top of it, it stars my least favorite character that I dubbed last episode ‘Wah Daddy’. Oh boy! I can’t wait to start this recap! So I’m just going to start it!

So the episode starts with our gang heading off to sell those dragon scales from last episode. Unfortunately for them, as they”re driving they come across a pillar of smoke in the distance, which they discover is a major trade town.

Goddamn it jenkins what have I told you about leaving the iron on?!
Goddamn it jenkins what have I told you about leaving the iron on?!?

So they decide to head there.

We see that Wah Daddy had just fought off a bunch of bandits who were trying to take over the city. There were a lot of casualties, but they managed to drive them off for now. And then the best thing ever…. WAH DADDY FLASHBACK! WHOO!!! (Blows kazoo)

Yep, if you ever wondered how Wah Daddy looked and behaved as a kid, worry no more. Because we get a few minutes of flashback of her forming her order as a kid.

"Ok girls! Rule number 1. No armor that covers vital spots on the torso other than the boobs
“Ok girls! Rule number 1. No armor that covers vital spots on the torso other than the boobs” …which come to think of it is ironic as she wears LESS armor on her torso when she ACTUALLY fights…weird.

She wants to show off how good she is at leading people, and it turns out that this is the first real battle she’s been leading. and considering how many of their own dead they have…she ain’t doing so well.    …shocker.

It’s about this time that our main characters show up to see if they can lend a helping hand. She accepts, believing that if they wanted to kill them, they already would have by now considering the weakened state they’re in.

Wah Daddy brings them up to speed about how this town used to be protected a lot better but when the armies were sent to fight the Japanese, a whole bunch of the people guarding this town died, so now it’s pretty unprotected from things like bandits. Um…oops?

Our main characters offer to help. So..guess what Wah Daddy does? Just guess. You have these guys you KNOW are ridiculously good at fighting as they drove back a FUCKING DRAGON and they killed about half of your world’s armies. So what do you do with them?

That’s right. Put them far away from the town in an attempt to use them as suicide decoy bait. Absolutely. Fucking. Brilliant.

"Should we help them?" "(sigh) see...I COULD but...you know...that's a long walk."
“Should we help them?”
“(sigh) see…I COULD but…you know…that’s a long walk.”

So pretty expectantly, Wah Daddy’s army gets basically curb stomped. And now the people in her squad are like “Do you think we should ask them for backup?” and she goes “Hmm…well they probably won’t help now that I put them in a suicide position.” Which I STILL don’t fucking get.

And of course, the episode ends with Wah Daddy being sad. Because…that’s basically all she’s good at.

Why do I suck so much at everything?
Why do I suck so much at everything?

Wow. This episode..was….it was not good. There’s really no other way to put it. Firstly it focused on a character I really don’t like, and secondly, it didn’t really have much screentime for the characters I DO like. It showed us a lot of Wah Daddy’s motivation, but honestly, I was bored off my ass during her backstory. I really don’t care about it. And here’s the thing. If she becomes amazing later in the manga, whatever, that’s fine. But I am not judging her based on what happens eventually. I am judging her on what I’ve seen her do in the anime, and right now, she is a terrible character. She’s an absolutely awful leader, she doesn’t know what she’s doing, and sends valuable assets (including the badass reaper girl) on what even she considers a suicide mission.

Well maybe you shouldn't have you dumb fuck
Well maybe you shouldn’t have you dumb fuck

Normally I could excuse something like this if it was balanced out by fun scenes with the other characters, but with the exception of one or two here or there, the characters I care about were really delegated to the background as they think I gave a single shit about Wah Daddy. Here’s a newsflash. I didn’t want to watch a series about a bastard (yes she actually is a bastard with a concubine mother) princess learning the ways of leading an army. I’m watching a show about the Japanese military doing otherworld GATE related shit.

This episode honestly bored me. The only times I even cared about what was going on was when the main cast was onscreen. I’m just waiting for next week to see the group fuck up these bandits and tell Wah Daddy that she’s retarded. That will be so so sweet.

Episode 3/10