Gate Episode 3 [The Desolation of Smaug]

Now were you all looking forward to more actions from Senor Emperor Derp this episode? Well too bad. He’s not in this episode. Why is that? Well because we have to introduce all 3 main girls this episode of course! Because pacing is for losers. That being said, let’s just jump right into this episode, shall we?

So the episode starts up with them saving the elf girl from the well. They pull her out and put her in the truck. But not before cutting off her clothes because she’s wet.

oh baby

oh baby

They soon arrive back at that town they visited in last episode and basically say “hey, there’s a dragon that came by and killed everyone. Can we leave this elf chick here?” the mayor’s like “Fuck no, we gotta get out of here!” so everyone in the town gets their belongings together and run the hell out of there.

This is where we meet the second of our three main girls, Lelei. She is an apprentice to Japanese Gandolf. I mean an old wizard.

Come Lelei, the dwarves need their thief

Come Lelei, the dwarves need their thief

They live on the outskirts of the town and are also leaving with the group. Along the way however a girl gets injured and Lelei tries to help. However, a horse goes nuts but before it can hurt her, the Japanese group (who is escorting the refugees) shoots the horse.

More like... "Now he's a spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron" "That joke would have been funnier if ANYONE had seen that movie." "Yeah...I know"

More like… “NOW he’s a spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron”
“That joke would have been funnier if ANYONE had seen that movie.”
“Yeah…I know”

And then, for absolutely no reason, and from out of nowhere, a bunch of bandits are talking about how they’re evil, and then gothic lolita chick shows up and kills them all.

..Not exactly sure WHY she does, other than they feel that they need to show off her powers, but…that’s all that really needs to be said about this scene.

and of course "Sir needless scene"

and starring “Sir needless scene”

She then just randomly appears at the caravan and is like “hey bitches, you fucking with these people?*” *(actual dialogue may vary) and the people tell her that they’re good people and they’re helping them out. So of course she wants to ride in the truck….and on our main character’s lap, because why not.

to quote George Takei yet again, "oh myyy"

to quote George Takei yet again, “oh myyy”

Then pretty much the dragon immediately shows up to fuck up everyone’s day.

(Seen above, someone whose day was fucked up)

(Seen above, someone whose day was fucked up by the dragon)

They try their bullets and weapons, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on it. Then the elf chick wakes up and is like “Hey, shoot him in the eye!” and so they do, and with the help of gothic lolita chick they basically get the dragon to go, “Fuck this shit, I’m outtie” and leaves.

After this, the refugees realize they have to go their separate ways, only leaving behind a few people including some orphans, old people, and the three main girls.

Let's play a game. it's called "Spot the important characters"

Let’s play a game. it’s called “Spot the important characters”. I’ll give you a hint. they’re not the ones wearing generic villager clothes.

The episode ends with them deciding that they have to take everyone back to someplace called “Arnus” (They probably explained earlier where that is, but I really don’t pay attention to place’s names.)

This episode was…interesting. I mean, if you’re all in to the Oregon Trail, then this was a great episode! There was exciting things such as broken axels

Ah. Fuzzy broken axels. The worst kind

Ah. Fuzzy broken axels. The worst kind

and it being hot out.

That’s what a lot of this episode entailed. Strolling by with the caravan. We really didn’t get to learn much about the elf chick other than…she was naked and told them to shoot the dragon in the eye, the magic chick bickered with her magic teacher for a bit and then nearly got killed by a horse, and the gothic lolita chick was just kind of…there.

Honestly, I didn’t really dig her entry scene. I think it was a bit out of nowhere and I’m more than a little tired of the whole “killing random bandits to show you’re awesome” trope. It’s a little old hat at this point.

I also find it a bit interesting that they didn’t kill the dragon, they kind of just made it annoyed enough to leave. I’m assuming that’s because it will be back later? Otherwise that would be weird that they just couldn’t have killed it.

See, this episode wasn’t so much of a ‘the rest of the countries are dicks’ episode, but more of a ‘look how awesome Japan is!’ episode.

We help out random villagers! Because that's just how we roll

We help out random villagers! Because that’s just how we roll

And to be perfectly honest, With the things they’re allowed to get away with in manga, I wouldn’t be surprised if they toned down the country bashing a bit for the anime as anime is notorious for cutting back what’s in manga if it’s deemed inappropriate.

This episode wasn’t bad, it just felt a bit…draggy to me. I  want to see where this show is going, but this episode did drag its feet a bit. Hopefully next episode we’ll get to learn more about the girls and maybe even see some romantic interest from them to him. Only thing i’m wondering is how long it’s going to take the old magician to die. Because…seriously. Do we really expect this guy to stay with the group?


What do I base this off of you ask? He’s not in the opening theme song. And that’s good enough evidence for me.

All in all…not bad, not great, but not bad.

Episode 6.5/10




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3 Responses

  1. I.D. nameless says:

    Country bashing is the thing that was toned down the least in this adaptation. This is basically Gate: The Christmas Family Story and at this point I follow it only to hear people speaking in Japanese about never hearing Japanese before :))

  2. dyingearth says:

    Apparently the anime left out a whole metric tons of backstory with Rory and her alignment. Guess they really cannot show the bandit raping and pillaging.

  3. exof954 says:

    B-But every anime needs a Master Roshi!
    Seriously, I hope he stays. The show’s better than I thought it would be, which probably has to do with the toning down the other commenters mentioned. Kinda surprising, but I’m actually looking forward to next episode.

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