Prison School Episode 2: Butts and Toilet Jokes

This face is a work of art.
This face is a work of art.

So here I am, covering this literal trash of an anime, laughing my butt off. I do unabashedly love this series for what it is, and it is a spiteful, disgusting yet weirdly appealing sex comedy that is really, really funny. If you’re still here with me, watching that second episode and genuinely enjoying yourself then we’re entering hell together.

This episode introduces us to the Student Council President’s dad, the Chairman of Hachimitsu Academy, includes lots of toilet jokes (mostly at the expense of darling Hana), and finally the beginning of Prison Break Season 5. It starts off with us getting acquainted to the Chairman, the father of the Student Council President and the one responsible for turning the school co-ed. He obviously feels a sort of pity (or at least, an understanding) of the boys’ plight and seeks to make life slightly easier for them while they’re doing their prison term, but his relationship with his own daughter isn’t exactly peachy and we find out why.


He’s a massive pervert who loves butts. The CHAIRMAN OF THE BLOODY SCHOOL, THIS SERIOUS LOOKING GROWN MAN, loves butts. He loves butts a lot. And also ‘hot-dogging’. He’s basically scum like the rest of the boys, and every single one of his lines (especially the ones with his daughter) are perfect.

(These screenshots cannot describe how amazing he is. The line delivery is A+)

The rest of the episode brings us back to more familiar ground. We see Kiyoshi desperate to weasel his way out of school for the sumo tournament with Chiyo, and when any previous respite they may have been given have been taken back (in part due to the Chairman’s love for butts), he gets down to business and decides to break out…..until Gakuto finds out. They decide to try and devise plans to break out for mutual interests sake, amidst the most hilarious hinting from Gakuto, who offers to wash Kiyoshi’s back, while his hand creepily slides down dangerously close to Kiyoshi’s butt. This is A Class comedy.


I also adored how the rest of the boys killed time by doing the dumbest, most innocent things to pass the time. It adds to the stupidity of the whole thing. Amidst all this supposed ‘suffering’ they have, their lives are still relatively comfortable. They get karaage for dinner. The showers are big and clean. They get playtime, even. It’s bloody hilarious how these little things contrast with how absurd the rest of the setup is.


The highlight of the episode is probably the peeing thing though. Hana wants payback for Kiyoshi having accidentally seen her pee – she’s embarrassed as hell by it, and almost doesn’t believe it’s an accident on Kiyoshi’s part. She gets morbidly curious and desperate, even climbing up into the toilet stall Kiyoshi desperately wants her out off. Things get heated, he’s has too much tea, and in all that tugging and pulling Kiyoshi finds relief….on Hana’s face…….(sigh).


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  1. THE CHAIRMAN IS THE ARISTOTLE OF BUTTS, AND HIS VOICE IS PERFECT. And yeah, Hana is best girl. So glad they didn’t do any unnecessary censoring, I remember laughing so hard when the next page in the manga loaded and it was just Meiko drinking water. Kiyoshi x Hana is (quite literally) OTPee.

    ba dum tss

    …I’ll just show myself out.

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