Jitsu wa Watashi wa Episode 1 [First Impression]

Why is this so adorable?


I love these reaction faces.

Jitsuwata 1 Img023

Jitsuwata 1 Img030

Jitsuwata 1 Img021

Jitsuwata 1 Img033

I’ve read a little bit of the manga for Jitsu wa Watashi wa, and so this was one of the few series for Summer 2015 I was interested in before the season started – I remember it being really fun, although it was so long ago that I hardly remember anything apart from (i) the whole vampire thing, (ii) the newspaper girl, Mikan and (iii) the art style. From what I can remember, I have a feeling they toned the art style down for the adaptation and correspondingly increased the moe by a whole lot, but I’m too lazy to go and check. Pretty sure I’m right though, because holy crap Shiragami’s entire existence is diabeetus. I think I could have resisted if she just said and did adorable things, but she said and did them in a Kansai accent. You win, Shiragami. Now give me my insulin.

Jitsuwata 1 Img035

Jitsuwata 1 Img009Is this a good thing? It sells, I guess, and they wouldn’t want to scare off potential new fans with an unorthodox art style. So long as it’s fun, I don’t really mind – I never got too far into the manga anyway, and Jitsuwata doesn’t seem like something which takes itself too seriously. I mean, they entrench the fact that poor Kuromine is terrible at keeping secrets, and suddenly he’s manhandled into a massive secret he absolutely has to keep! It already feels like it’s set itself down the path of a comedy harem, although it would be good if there was some proper development. A second Nisekoi would be irritatingly vapid.

That moment when he friendzoned himself, though. He really dun goof’d there.

It’s all really cute, I’ll really enjoy watching this. But as a potential candidate for being blogged, it’s on shakier ground – it airs on the same day as the god-tier Non Non Biyori, and I don’t want to take on too much of a similar genre. If the pacing picks up a bit, and there ends up being lots of plot to talk about, then I might be more interested – but the last thing I want is for me to be unable to keep up midway through the season with blogging multiple shows airing on the same day. We’ll see.

Possibility of Watching: High
Possibility of Blogging: Moderate 

P.S. Does someone know why they all wear different uniforms?

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No Responses

  1. Eva says:

    Oh god this show is SO CUTE! Shiragami is so precious! I adore her character already!

  2. Wanderer says:

    Well, that’s just a-freakin-dorable. My goodness. I’ma take her home with me, okay?

  3. Kanmuru says:

    Jitsuwata has in 80 chapters more development than all chapters of Nisekoi doubled. This show is amazingly hilarious!

    • Vantage says:

      That’s a relief! It’s really tiring when harem comedies with great premises end up coming to a mundane standstill, with a new girl introduced every now and then to no avail.

      • Kanmuru says:

        In Jitsuwata every girl are amazing, even Mikan redeem herself later. In 80 chapters, even calling each other by first name is already happening, i could say more but it would spoil some things.

        Anyway, the great lord of terror will descend!

        • Muhtar Lutfi says:

          There are quite a lot of confessions too. A girl who never gives up despite getting rejected everytime, one who ran away as soon as she said her feeling without waiting for answer (she got it later as Asahi confessed to another girl), & don’t forget Shimada (Asahi’s friend) who made those criminal (sexual harassment) level moves on Aizawa’s older sibling!

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