Now I certainly hope you were waiting for more “after the battle nothing” in this episode. Because if you weren’t….well…sorry that’s what you’re getting.
However, this episode hopefully is leading us to something that’s going to happen.. so…that’s something I guess? All right, enough of this beginning intro stuff. Let’s get into the episode.

So the episode begins with Wet Blanket waking up in the hospital. Chika’s mom is there and proceeds to describe every single member of Border that showed up to see him while he was unconscious. I’m not joking when I say that. Like 2 minutes of the episode is devoted to her describing them and him guessing who they are. However, it seems that duckface hasn’t shown up even once.

Riveting stuff guys.
Riveting stuff guys.

After Chika’s mom leaves, the girl that’s not Konami from the Takohama branch shows up and begins to list everyone again. This time explaining who got what rewards for the battle. And once again, I’m not joking, she lists off basically all the main characters for about 4 minutes. (Including Wet Blanket that got an award)

oh boy. She pulled out the folder. We're in for a real treat guys
oh boy. She pulled out the folder. We’re in for a real treat guys

You see where I’m going with this?

Finally he’s well enough to move and Wet Blanket starts to move around and Duckface goes to see him. Upon arriving he tells Wet Blanket not to worry about Replica as if he had died, then the tiny little versions of himself would have disappeared…which they haven’t. So Duckface tells Wet Blanket that all that does is add another thing to their list of things to do when they become “A” ranks and go on away missions. Wet Blanket is relieved as now he realizes the reason Duckface hadn’t come to see him is because he wanted to make sure Replica was alive so that when he woke up, he wouldn’t worry. D’aw.

I was thinking of selling it on Ebay really
I was thinking of selling it on Ebay really

In the next scene one of the head honchos of Border sees Wet Blanket and tells him that he needs to to come with him. He leads him to a press conference that going on about the battle.

Apparently in that gigantically huge battle that took place basically all over the populated city, no civilians died, 32 C ranks were captured, and 6 Border people at HQ died.

…um… forgive me for being so…jerkish about this but…isn’t that really really good? Like…not that they died and were captured but like…by comparison to the first time they were attacked? A gigantic battle happening in your city and you only lose 38 people? and 6 are confirmed dead? I know like…. crashed buses that have a higher fatality rate than that.

And actually the PR guy lampshades this and says how the casualty rate was 1/40 the size of the first attack, and how the attack was 8x larger. So basically it was like… 1/320 of the casualty rate. Which…is pretty damn good.

That's not just good. That's AMAZING
That’s not just good. That’s AMAZING

Of course the people have to blame someone and ask why the C ranks weren’t equipped with Bail out devices as the rest of the agents are. And the head of R&D basically states that it’s because of money. Triggers cost a lot of money and they can’t equip every C rank with an escape trigger.

Once again. This leads me to my question…WHY DON’T OTHER COUNTRIES HAVE THIS?!?! I’m pretty sure Americans/Russians/Chinese…EVERYONE would be a tad interested in weapons that basically MAKE YOU IMMORTAL. And I think they would be MORE than willing to fund you guys on this.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic.

It seems that because of this, the PR department wants to use Wet Blanket as a scapegoat for the Neighbors knowing that C rankers can’t eject from that battle WAYYYYY back in like episode 3 or something.

See? Sepia-tone and everything!
See? Sepia-tone and everything!

Unaware that Wet Blanket is there, he steps forward to speak to the people, possibly in his defense, or he might sacrifice himself or something because…you know, he’s a wet blanket.

And that’s where the episode ends.

Once again, as I said earlier, this is another whole lot of talking episode. First they’re listing off character. Then they’re doing it again. Then he talks to Duckface, then he talks to the Border guy. Then the people are having a press conference. If you like a lot of talking and internal politics, my god this is the episode for you.

World Trigger! The action packed Series of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
World Trigger! The action packed Series of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Also…Spice and Wolf too. But…you go in EXPECTING internal politics and 15th century trade ethics. So…you get a pass on that one Spice and Wolf.

Granted it’s nice to see what would be the real ramifications of a battle like this happening. but still, it feels a bit dry. I certainly hope in the next episode Wet Blanket won’t throw himself on the pyre. That would be really annoying.

Still, it was good to know that Wet Blanket got a commendation and money for his part in the battle. Which…. is kind of odd since immediately after they’re throwing him under the bus. Huh…that’s weird.

It looks like next episode is going to be about the B rank wars, so that should at least be interesting. Although we already know that Duckface is going to rape the everything. All in all though, this episode was padding. Lots and lots of padding.

see? Even in the PREVIEW he's raping everything
see? Even in the PREVIEW he’s raping everything

There really isn’t a whole lot to say honestly. The only character that really does anything is Wet Blanket and he cries after he thinks about the robot not being dead. That’s…really about it. Everything else is loads of exposition being thrown at your face.

And here’s the thing. They try to make us feel bad that people died. Yes, it’s terrible that people were abducted and died. But, NOT A SINGLE ONE WAS IMPORTANT. We didn’t meet ANY of the 6 people who died or saw their names or faces. We didn’t know ANY of the 32 people who got kidnapped, and everybody who DID die wasn’t even given an onscreen death. (the only person who did was the bloodless bad guy’s death) So yeah, I’m still calling this baby’s first shonen. If this were Attack on Titan, 3/4 of them would be dead by now. And now we find out that even the ROBOT isn’t actually dead. So when they can’t even kill the ROBOT it only further proves my point.

Now he really IS wet blanket? haha get it? because of his tears? Ah..i'm a terrible terrible person
Now he really IS wet blanket! haha get it? because of his tears? Ah..i’m a terrible terrible person

In terms of violence, If Attack on Titan were “Under the Red Hood” then World Trigger is definitely “Teen Titans Go”. (Well…except not as poorly written) haha. I just compared World trigger to “Teen Titans Go” aha ah…that’s rough buddy.

Episode 4/10


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