Dear sweet baby Jesus what have I gotten myself into? Just…what have I gotten myself into. This is the show I shotgunned this season. I knew it would be fucked up, I knew it would be ecchi as hell, but I took it on anyway. And man. They did NOT disappoint. For a good majority of this episode I couldn’t help but laugh. I felt embarrassed and even though no one was there I had to look around to make sure no one was watching over my shoulder. This… Wow. This show. Oh man. well…. I guess I better start this.

So the episode starts off with a guy waking up in bed with a lamia (aka a naga girl) sleeping next to him. half asleep she squeezes him with her giant tail. Unfortunately she’s doing it so tightly he’s being crushed. Grasping into the air he grabs the end of her tail. Apparently this is an erogenous zone for lamias and she starts getting off on it and cums.

monster 1

Oh.. okay. how long did this show last before it became porn? Oh . 2 minutes and 15 seconds huh? No, no that’s fine. that’s uh…

(gets up from computer, runs out door)

(gets thrown back in chair by Eva)

umm…pff okay where were we?

Directly after the lamia (whose name is Miia) wants to take a bath with this guy. So once again, near hentai ensues.

Jesus Christ! I didn't even get TWO MINUTES!
Jesus Christ! I didn’t even get TWO MINUTES!

The guy escapes and heads out to make breakfast.

Okay. Before I go ANY further I have to talk about the opening. Oh my god. I have seen a lot of harem openings in my day, but this opening wins the award for the MOST HAREM OPENING THAT EVER HAREMED. Like, I can’t get over how haremy this opening is. Know what? I’m going to pick a RANDOM screenshot from this opening. (closes eyes and points)

monster 3

What’s that? Not convinced?

monster 4

Bam. There’s another one. The haremness. DEAR SWEET MOTHER OF GOD THE HAREMNESS!

Anywho back to the plot. So as he’s making breakfast this human woman shows up and her name is “Smith”. Really? Smith? Nice uh…nice original name you have there. Glad you spent all of 20 seconds coming up with a foreign name there guys.

Yep.... she sure looks like a "Smith" to me
Yep…. she sure looks like a “Smith” to me

She’s there to basically give the backstory on why Miia is here. A while ago, Japan passes a law that was “The Interspecies Exchange Bill”. Basically there were a bunch of other species but the Japanese government covered it up until now and they’re coming over there are a cultural exchange. the guy wasn’t supposed to be the host family, but Smith got lazy and dropped Miia on his doorstep.

She does remind him of the rule though that the other species aren’t allowed to harm humans, but at the same time, humans aren’t allowed to harm them. That includes. (coughs into hand)

(Spits out coffee)
(Spits out coffee)

So yeah. No sex for those two. Drat.

Miia wants to go visit the area and begins to go on a what she calls ‘date’ with him. That’s when they arrive at a lingerie store that sells interspecies underwear. So of course they go in and she tries some on. Oh, by the way. If you ever wondered how a naga wears panties…Welp, question answered.

Well thank GOD they told me that. I don't think I would have been able to sleep tonight if they hadn't.
Well thank GOD they told me that. I don’t think I would have been able to sleep tonight if they hadn’t.

After leaving the shop, they begin to get mocked by some humans over how freaky the Lamia looks.

Dude. I don’t care how much of a jerk or asshole you are. You DON’T MAKE FUN OF THE GIANT SNAKE GIRL. I’m sorry, that’s just a REALLY fucking bad idea. That’s like pointing at a grizzly bear and laughing. It’s just…a really really bad idea.

Haha! It's funny because we're ignorant assholes!
Haha! It’s funny because we’re ignorant assholes!

She’s about to hit them with her tail, but the guy jumps in and takes the hit, knowing that if she injures them, she’ll be deported.

A group gathers so they run into a love hotel.

(Throws up hands) OF COURSE THEY FUCKING DO!

Guess what happens? Just guess

monster 9

That’s right! MORE almost sex! If you were expecting ANYTHING else out of this show….I don’t know what the fuck show YOU’RE watching but it sure as hell ain’t this show.

Before Miia can do anything with him, the police and Smith show up and literally blow the door open breaking it up.

That’s when the assholes from before show up and taunt her some more. Before Miia can attack then though the guy jumps in the way and punches the dude in the face.

Fucking Fist of the North Star up in this bitch
Fucking Fist of the North Star up in this bitch

After that Miia wonders why he did it and he tells her it’s because he doesn’t want to see her deported. She tries to have sex with him and Smith shows up breaking it up.

And that’s where the episode ends.

Wow. Just…just wow. I don’t even know what to say about this show. It’s SO ecchi, SO in your face close to hentai, I… wow. Just wow.

I will say one thing though. So bear with me on this. I may be looking into something that isn’t there, but while I was thinking of this show after I had watched it, I had a bit of an epiphany.

I think, in some ecchi, crazy way, I think that this show is actually trying to be a symbolic show about foreign relationships in japan (aka Nihonjins and Gaijins) Now bear with me here. Just bear with me.

So the show is about Japan forming diplomatic bonds with other nations where people from other countries come over to do cultural exchanges. The law prohibits either side from engaging in physical violence resulting in either deportation or strict penalties. The lingerie shops have to have special “sizes” to cater to the foreigners’ needs,

monster 12 people think that they look ‘different’ or ‘monstrous’, they are mocked for their looks as they don’t look like the normal Japanese, and the Japanese man who understands she’s really a good person is taken aback by her culture’s forthrightness in terms of showing affections.

Now tell me, doesn’t that sound…familiar to you? Now honestly, I really COULD be looking too deeply into this harem show, but if it is, I think it’s taking a problem that took place in Japan a while ago and dealing with it in a very clever way, ala the way that ‘Cats Don’t Dance’ tackled African American stereotypes in Hollywood.

I may be giving these people FAR FAR too much credit, but…if taken that way….I actually DO have to nod my head in approval, ecchi as it may be.

Head: (laughs) okay, the plot. I… don’t even know really what to say about “The plot”. This naga girl wants in this guy’s pants. That’s a lot of the plot. However, I do like the way they’re discussing how the monsters are trying to fit in with society and not attack it. So that’s a bonus. I suppose I can see why they don’t want them having sex. I mean…half naga half human babies might be a bit odd. Still, I would be lying if I said I didn’t shotgun this show for the premise alone. It…I couldn’t help but watch this show. You know what, it pulled me in and that’s got to count for something. Be warned guys, there’s a LOT of ecchi. If you can’t handle copious amounts of almost nipple, then this show isn’t for you.

Head: 6/10

Eye: I do have to say, I like the style of the girls. They are very cute, and I find myself actually thinking they’re pretty damn adorable. The only real issue I have is with the guy. He’s kind of….average?

Of course they were
Of course they were

I mean..if your goal was to make THE MOST GENERIC looking guy ever then…mission accomplished? The girls are really the focus of the show, but I do have to say, this guy didn’t really have ANY personality in my eyes, and his art reflected that.

Eye 7/10


I can’t really say I….felt a whole lot? I think the problem was, there wasn’t even a 0 to 60. It just STARTED at 60. The flashback shows that she thought he’d be afraid of her, he wasn’t, gave her a blanket. BAM. instant dick want. Is…is that all it takes to impress a naga girl? Just…don’t be freaked out and give her a blanket? Really? Damn…what am “I” doing with my life? There was really no emotional build up to anything, but there were some cute moments. I’m interested in seeing how the other girls react to him and hopefully their stories will be interesting as well.

Heart 5/10

Overall score 6/10

All in all, man. This show is something else. Still…I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I didn’t enjoy this show like hell. It’s so over the top, so ridiculous, I found myself laughing through half of the episode. This is a show that is not MEANT to be taken seriously, and there’s no way in hell you CAN take this show seriously. If you just watch this show for pure enjoyment, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed as long as you can take your ecchi. So yeah. Guys…I’m doing it. See you next week.

Watching: Oh yeah

Blogging: God help me, Yes.



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  1. Outworld Devourer

    I have read the manga, and even that one is embarrassing to read, but the interesting things in this series is the girls, each of them have their animal trait that actually real and logical.

  2. joswerleman

    if the anime gets to the point that they introduce mia’s mother you may understand why mia fell in love so quickly

  3. zztop

    I hear Kurusu really is supposed to look that way. It’s a joke to emphasize he’s just a self-insert character for a male audience wanting to see sexy hijinks. And he will always have that (O _ O) face, except for serious/romantic situations.

    I wonder if this would inspire potential reverse harems to tap into the female market; a (self-insert) girl character surrounded by handsome and cute monster-guys?

    1. kinghumanity

      You mean like Twilight?

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