I have yet to find the ‘I’m trapped inside an RPG’ show that has held my attention properly since .Hack. Overlord might be the one, out of all of them this one has seemed the most realistic. At least in the way the character reacts to everything. Image, you’ve been playing an RPG for years. You’ve built up a huge Guild and everything.
Then you hear the server is about to come down for good. I’d be pretty upset by that, it’s a lot of time put into something just to see it go. So this guy decides he’s going to stay on the game until the time the server shuts down permanently.


Then, not only does the server apparently not shut down but suddenly ALL OF THE NPC’S ARE ACTING ALIVE. Taking commands they shouldn’t, their mouths are moving normally, he can smell them. Wait, um, well that’s a issue. He keeps trying to contact the GM but he can’t. So he tries to tinker around with things to see what works and what doesn’t.

I have to say, everything about this show seems really cool to me. I love the character designs, hell one of the guilds requirements was that you had an inhuman avatar. So of course all of the NPC’s would be inhuman too, but that doesn’t mean that none of them are human like. So there’s still something to relate too, but there’s also a ton of cool monster designs.

The opening is super awesome and gets you pumped. I think the important thing with this series is how they execute everything from here. This guy was a max level guild leader, in terms of the game. He was a beast but where does that put him against the NPC’s? What is his power now in this world?


Also, one of the NPC’s was sent to see what was going on outside of the guild, we haven’t heard his report on it yet. Though he does say that there is something to report. I think my biggest disappointment in this entire show is how just before he got trapped he tinkered with one of the NPC’s back stories to make her madly in love with him instead of being a bitch.
Which you know, I guess is pretty funny when you think the server is about to go down and you’re just screwing with your guild settings for the last time but once it translates into reality. My initial reaction was that it made her kind of fan service but you know? I think it actually might make things a little more interesting then the original program.
I mean, if she’s in love with him, on top of being totally loyal to him…this could make for some interesting character dynamics.


I am REALLY interested in where this is going. What’s outside the guild now? How will the guardians react as this human now stuck in his avatars body tries to rule over them while figuring out how to get home. If he even decides that he should, I mean, as he said. He has no family, no friend, a dead end job. Where he is now? He’s basically king, what reason is there to leave?

Will I be watching Overlord: YES, HELL YES
Will I be covering it: Yes


Oki’s Impression

So this series isn’t what I expected it to be. I was expecting this to be a comedic show where some kid on the internet decides he wants to be the ruler of an online world. No, this is absolutely different. I’m actually really drawn to this entire cast and the way the story was shown. So far we haven’t seen Momonga actually become some supreme evil and I have a feeling what it will take to become that.


I think the only problem with this whole series might be I’m afraid it’s a dream. If it’s a dream then I’m mad. I am actually just. . in love with this whole idea. One thing I really love is the main female character’s design. I love her origin, and I love also that I strongly suspect the only reason she is going to be an ally to anyone is because of Momonga’s change. The way she’s basically made the mascot I’m fairly sure she’ll become a yandere and her love written into the backstory might be the only thing stopping her from having an insane backstory that fucks up everything.


I actually really want in on this shit. I’m going to cover it with people, no matter how many people, and I mean it. Ugh, I just love everything about this. Midnight covered most of my feelings but essentially I just love how this whole thing started. In Sword Art Online they had a unique reason and I’m kind of glad to see Overlord go ‘We want our own unique thing’ not to mention they added a mystery.


So all in all? Above expectations. BOOB TOUCHING.



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  1. Outworld Devourer

    All hail the Lich King

    1. I.D. nameless

      His eyes remind me of Skeletor from the newer He-Man animation.

  2. I.D. nameless

    This is interesting. I’m gonna keep watching.
    With this and Classroom Crisis added, my menu is already full this season. Happy times.

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