You know what the really weird thing is about this show? I’m actually fully enjoying it. Like..I originally took this show because I thought it looked like it would be ridiculous, and trust me, it is, but at the same time, I’m actually really enjoying it. However, there’s 6 main girls in the opening, and we only have met 3 so far. So we better fix that, and introduce number 4. So that being said, let’s meet Suu.

So the episode starts out with the main guy (Seriously, he’s called by so many nicknames it’s hard to remember this guy’s actual name.) making dinner. Papi’s bugs him to play video games and he relents and goes to play while dinner is being made. Miia smells dinner and goes to open a pot and she is rewarded by a slime covering her head so she can’t breath.

See, i'd be lying if I said that Suu didn't already get massive points for doing this right off the bat.
See, i’d be lying if I said that Suu didn’t already get massive points for doing this right off the bat.

Cerea, seeing this tries to vanquish the slime with her sword, resulting in…… absolutely nothing other than looking like she just gave the main guy a handjob.

Sorry, the George Takei "Oh my" machine is still at the factory being repaired from last week
Sorry, the George Takei “Oh my” machine is still at the factory being repaired from last week

Both the main guy and Cerea feel that they need to wash off because of this. Unfortunately, Cerea can’t reach her back area and needs him to help her clean it. and of course, stuff ensues. got back? got back?

Afterwards, the slime girl returns, and nearly drowns the main character in her breasts by accident. Wow. I can’t believe I actually just typed that line.

No really, there is no other way to describe it. He nearly drowns in her breasts.

welp, thanks internet, I have officially now seen EVERYTHING
welp, thanks internet, I have officially now seen EVERYTHING

He jumps in the bathtub to escape and heads back to the living room to discuss what to do with her. Both Cerea and Miia want to call Smith and bring her up to date on the events while Papi seemingly takes a liking to her. Oh yeah. and now because she’s kind of diluted thanks to the bath water, Suu is now in loli form. Because….reasons.

Papi names her Suu and they play around together until Papi hears that Suu might get arrested for breaking the interspecies bill. From this she picks up Suu and flies away with her. The main character chases her but when Suu ends up flying with Papi over the river she freaks out and falls on top of our protagonist.

It's just one of those days, huh?
It’s just one of those days, huh?

Papi explains he ran away with her because she doesn’t want her to be arrested. While they’re discussing what to do with her, a group of kids come up and ask if Papi wants to play. (Apparently she’s been sneaking around and going out to play with these kids.)

here we learn that Suu can get larger (in more ways than one) by absorbing some water.

As they’re playing, that jerk from episode 1 shows up and nearly runs over a little girl with a car.

You know, this guy. Wow. That face sure healed up nice
You know, this guy. Wow. That face sure healed up nice

Luckily Suu saves her but gets stuck to a wall because of the impact. the wall begins to crumble and it seems that she’s going to fall into the river.

Papi tries to save her, but she falls and we have one of those “oh no! she’s totally not dead but let’s have the audience think she is!” moments.

oh no! she's 100% totally incredibly dead!
oh no! she’s 100% totally incredibly dead!

But of course she’s saved by the main character.

He decides that she’s all right and to let her stay at the house as long as Smith doesn’t find out. And of course, Smith is there at the house when he arrives and that’s where the episode ends.

This episode was pretty cute I have to say. I can see what some people were saying about Suu. She is very cute. I can’t wait until she can speak more coherent words, but i’m sure that will come with time.

So now there’s four girls, and most of them had some really good character developing scenes. We get to meet Suu and see her sacrifice herself to save a child

I've had worse
I’ve had worse

We get to see Cerea have a really cute scene with main character in the bath

Don't worry, she's just acting out her favorite scene from Evangelion
Don’t worry, she’s just acting out her favorite scene from Evangelion

and we even get to see Papi seem motherly and be really kind to Suu

Wow. You go Papi
Wow. You go Papi

And Miia….oh wait. that’s right. SHE DIDN’T FUCKING DO ANYTHING AGAIN. What a surprise! Nope, not joking. Miia didn’t do a damn thing or have any sort of development scene in this episode. So yeah…she still sucks. All she did this episode was basically say how they had to get rid of Suu….that’s about it. So…yeah… go fuck yourself Miia. You still suck. You know, this is really annoying for me because I actually think Nagas are cool. They’re like my favorite mythical beast and this show made her a fucking loser. Thanks show.

Oh yeah. and she fawned over the main character some more. um..yay?

This episode definitely put Papi’s character in a light of something other than dopey, and I think it was kind of nice. It showed she has maternal instincts and when the chips are down can really defend the people she cares about. I liked Papi before and I kind of like her even more now. In fact, that didn’t go unnoticed by the main character either.

Thou art I and I art thou...
Thou art I and I art thou…

Overall, this was a fun episode, and Suu IS an interesting character. I definitely want to see more of her. Right now she’s not my favorite, but perhaps this will evolve over time.

Episode 7.5/10

Episode 4 Scoreboard

  1. Cerea

  2. Papi

  3. Suu

  4. Smith (Yeah, I’m adding Smith because she seems to be very popular. Also, the only reason she’s 4 is because…she didn’t DO anything this episode and i’m going per episode.

  5. Miia. (Yep….still dead last)



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