“I have to go see Kaneki!”

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Oh, Tsukiyama. I’m happy he’s now looking a bit more energetic, but his recovery will probably take time. This chapter was literally the happiest we’ve seen him since he tried to stop Kaneki from helping Yoshimura at the Anteiku raid. At least he’s not getting worse any more. Aside from his depression I’m not sure what’s wrong with him physically, but it’s possible his limbs have atrophied or something due to lack of exercise and food. I got worried for a bit when he collapsed in front of Haise though, that was just reckless. It’s not just Kanae being anally retentive this time – they’re literally outside the CCG with really bad disguises, and the long-lost Gourmet just collapses at their doorstep! I do wonder whether Haise heard him mutter Kaneki’s name, though. There was a panel where he was all silent, and he knows better than to react at this place and time.

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I’m liking this new development for the Qs – as speculated, they really are having custom masks made for them by Uta, who was immediately marked as a ghoul by Shirazu, Mutsuki and Urie. Too bad Mutsuki didn’t manage to recognize where he’d heard that voice before. An operation to have them pose as ghouls and infiltrate ghoul territory is pretty much the best use out of the squad the CCG can possibly get – because they can go places no investigator would be able to. And in delving deeper into the ‘world of ghouls’, Haise will probably meet all sorts of people Kaneki used to know. I thought it was really rich that Ui started talking about heroism and dignity, and before the chapter was out we got a scene with Kijima torturing a Rose ghoul, cutting out his tongue and delivering death threats to the Tsukiyama family. I hope they decide to carry it out anyway even if Ui is against it – he probably doesn’t want Haise to get any closer to his past self than he’s already prone to doing with his increasingly frequent mental breakdowns. Will Arima say yes? Maybe if they have a guard capable of subduing him if he gets out of control, like Hairu? Or maybe Hirako – I bet Hirako would love another babysitting mission.

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  1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

    It really would be a “treat” to get a more boots-in-the-mud look at the Ghoul world again, although, having everything seen from a CCG perspective has been interesting on its own. My, my, that ending! I don’t know who needs more CALMATO – Tsukiyama or Yomo. I for one would like to see Tsukiyama improve himself and enjoy more of Yomo losing his cool xD

    1. Vantage

      Poor Yomo couldn’t even pour his coffee properly 😀

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