As you may have gathered from the title of the episode, yeah. I…I really am at the point where I don’t care anymore. Remember how last time I reviewed an episode I said how horribly uncomfortable I felt with Suna’s sister liking Takeo and not being able to tell him because he’s with Yamato and there’s no conflict between Yamato and Takeo? Well hey, fuck it! LET’S DO IT AGAIN!


OH BOY! it’s time for MORE awkward, frustrating garbage with the EXACT same premise as two weeks ago? AWESOME! Pff.. well.. I guess I better start up this recap. Awesome.

So the episode starts off with Takeo talking with Suna about how Saijou called him her master and what he should do with this knowledge. Suna tells him just to think about who he considers a master and work from there.

Takeo, Yamato, and Suna all decide to go to a school festival and ask Saijou to come along. After Suna and Takeo break off the two girls begin to talk about why they both think Takeo is a good person.

Ah. there's your problem Saijou. You're wearing a shirt that says "Disco". Didn't you get the memo? Disco's dead
Ah. there’s your problem Saijou. You’re wearing a shirt that says “Disco”. Didn’t you get the memo? Disco’s dead

Following this, Takeo takes Yamato home and there’s some more fluff with them being squishy coupley stuff.

Moving on from that, Suna and Saij0u are left to clean up a classroom where Suna finally squeezes is out of Saijou that yes, she has a crush on Takeo. Shocker. But she tells him not to tell Takeo

Seriously  lady, you aren't hiding it all that well.
Seriously lady, you aren’t hiding it all that well.

A few more minutes later, she can’t stand Suna’s empty glares during the course of the day and asks what he wants from her. He says that she needs to tell him or she’s going to regret it.

So unlike Suna’s sister, she actually does go up to Takeo and confess her feelings.

This doesn't even deserve  George Takei. George, you can go home for the day. we're not going to need you.
This doesn’t even DESERVE George Takei. George, you can go home for the day. we’re not going to need you.

Of course, he turns her down because he’s in love with Yamato. But thanks to her telling him how she feels now he knows he’s REALLY in love with Yamato…whatever the fuck THAT means.

Saijou cries a lot with Suna, and Takeo goes to Yamato and tells her that she REALLY loves him.

The episode ends with Saijou telling Takeo that she has no hard feelings and still thinks of him as her master.


Ugh. Didn’t I JUST do this review two weeks ago? I guess this show didn’t hear me. Look. I”m getting tired of this show. The main reason? There is ABSOLUTELY NO INTERNAL CONFLICT. The only conflict we’ve had so far is misunderstandings and other girls wanting in Takeo’s pants. There is no issue between Takeo and Yamato. They’re so insanely disgustingly saccharinly cute that there is NO sort of conflict. They don’t fight, they don’t argue, they’re not attracted to other people, there’s NOTHING. There is no longer ANYTHING to this story.

Like I said two weeks ago, this show would have made a really good short OVA, but the issue is, it’s overstaying its welcome. There’s only so much fluff of these two I can take. There are no interesting developments or twists between these two. The only thing that’s happening is they’re apparently falling even MORE in love, which honestly, doesn’t make for good television. before they were just in love. Now they're in SUPER love. oh. okay. that's different then.
Oh…so before they were just in love. Now they’re in SUPER love. oh. okay. that’s different then.

I first started watching this show with high hopes and loving the first episode, but like a new romance, the feeling died off. After a while, the things that make us squee make us roll our eyes in boredom. And that’s the kicker. I have not been so bored with a show in a LONG TIME. I was so sad to be so bored at this show. I really liked this show starting out and the fact that it’s turned into this level of monotony is a crying shame.

I don’t know where they’re going to go with this. The only place they COULD go is them breaking up and getting together with other people, but they’re not going to do that. Hell, I would be happy if they had an ARGUMENT. SOMETHING internal. This has no conflict. There is nothing stopping these two from being together other than other girls liking Takeo. I feel bad for Saijou too because she actually is an adorable character. But her existence is pointless due to Yamato being the only one for Takeo.

I wish I could say I was still invested in this show. But i’m really not anymore. Unless something truly outrageous happens in the coming weeks, i’m going to still be reviewing this show with Berri, but I’m going to be on autopilot. Because right now..I …I just don’t care.

Episode 3/10