Well the comments on the last episode were absolutely not wrong. It wasn’t a conflict, it was a massacre.  So basically we find out that villages have been coming under attack not by bandits or monsters, but from armies from other countries and nobles. As Momonga observes the world through a viewing mirror he created, he sees a town coming under attack.
At first, he passes it off as none of his business. Helping them would bring him no benefit. However, as he looks at Sebas he remembers the player that created him. A noble player that had saved Momonga for no real reason when they were in the early stages of the game. In honor of paying back the debt he holds to that player, he decides to help the village.


I just, love Momonga so much. Even as his humanity begins to crumble away the longer he stays in the body of his avatar you can still tell that he has the best intentions. Something I’ve enjoyed since the beginning of the series was the Seiyuu’s ability to switch his voice between the intimidating voice of Lord Momonga and the more human thoughts of his player.
As we’ve never seen what the player looks like, we only really have the voice to base what he looks like on. It’s a neat approach and because of the Seiyuu’s amazing work I have an image of what he looks like. I’ll be sad to see that more human side of him go if it really does start to fade away more and more as the series progresses.

Well of course, as he saves these two girls in the forest first. They’re afraid of his appearance, as anyone would be seeing a giant skeleton man. So when he goes into the village, he wears a mask. One that was apparently easy to get and a lot of players had. He also begins passing him off as a spell caster who holed himself up in research to explain his ignorance of the world.


A lot of the second part of the episode after the battle is an explanation of how the world works. A lot of warring countries up in here, also the money from the game doesn’t work here. The gold is worth something though. I just, this is so much different then your typical stuck in a video game thing. It’s not so much like he’s stuck in the game but like his Avatar and his guild were transferred to a fantasy world separate from the game.

so the good guy army comes by and Momonga introduces himself with the village elder helping explain that he came and saved the village. However, there is no time for celebration as there is something else coming. The episode ends there with the threat of a new army approaching.


I really liked this episode, it gave us a feel for the world outside of the guild. It also showed Albedo and her attitude towards human and Momonga realizing the deterioration of his own humanity. At the same time though, he showed that he can be really kind despite his appearance once again. It’s like a lesson against stereotyping, big giant scary skeleton giving you a bottle of something. Of course you’re gonna think it’s something dangerous rather then a healing potion.
However, guys in armor looking knightly, normally you’d trust them but they’re the ones knocking your people down one by one. Appearances aren’t everything obviously.

More fantasy adventures ahead.


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  1. João Carlos

    Well, villains and heroes traded places… Squeletor is saving the villagers.

  2. zztop

    IIRC, the 1st chapter of Overlord’s manga version very briefly shows Momonga’s human face from the nose down. It’s a rather basic anime face.

    The anime’s also streamlining the LN content; like Mahouka, it tends to go overboard in worldbuilding and explanations of magic.

  3. I.D. nameless

    The 3D this episode made me cringe…

  4. Shiki

    i would have liked if they show more fear instead of a face that says “oh a new face.. and now?” since the two sisters for example were peeing their pants.. literally.. but ok
    nice death knight
    that presentation of touch-me/white knight/creator of sebas though xD
    (btw sebas is top4 in terms of cc power in nazrik)
    momonga is a simple salaryman with no family or friends in real life.. just imagine him as one of those 24/7 background characters in other animes which gives his rules-acting skills even more praise

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