In this episode we take a break from Takeo and Yamato’s romance and instead focus on another one. This time it’s Yamato’s friend Nanako and Afro-kun, whose name I finally learned is Furihara.

Christmas is near and Yamato and Takeo plan for their friends to hang out at a karaoke bar that day. Furihara tells Takeo that he wants to ask out Nanako, and then we find out that Nanako likes him too. Takeo and Yamato tell each other this and plan to do their very best to give them enough alone time during their little party for Furihara to ask Nanako out. So when the day comes, they purposefully do things like make Furihara sit next to Nanako, brighten the mood by seeing the Christmas tree outside, and have them “randomly” pick out the presents they had brought. There were a lot of opportunities for asking out but Furihara was beating around the bush for too long and when Nanako realized just what Yamato was doing for her, she left. And when some guys harassed her and Yamato, she was angry when Furihara didn’t protect her and instead brought Takeo.

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Earlier when Takeo and Yamato were booking their karaoke room, the man in the front desk had told them about the Christmas tree. See, it has a special little story. At the top of the tree there’s a star that’s different from all the others. If you climb the tree and manage to grab the star, the person that you want to ask out will say yes to you. It’s never been accomplished by anyone…but obviously not for long.

[HorribleSubs] Ore Monogatari!! - 17 [1080p].mkv0084[HorribleSubs] Ore Monogatari!! - 17 [1080p].mkv0091

Furihara climbed up and got the star and finally asked Nanako out, and she said yes. She may have seemed disinterested at the party, but she just sucks at expressing her emotions. So things are settled and the two are finally a couple. Nanako’s personality makes a switch and she’s all lovey dovey and happy when talking to him on the phone. They even had their first kiss after the Christmas party and Yamato looks pretty upset.

Furihara and Nanako had their first kiss and they just got together, Takeo and Yamato have been dating for months now (almost a year?) AND THEY HAVEN’T EVEN KISSED ONCE. I’ve been waiting for them to do that forever and I don’t want it to be dragged out until the last episode. That’s actually what I feared the most, since they’re both so pure and…derpy. I’m waiting you guys, I’M WAITING.

Cute episode, it was nice to shift the attention to another couple. But you know who I miss? Suna. Oh, you mean Suna was there in the party? Yeah I know he was. But he had about…three lines in this episode. I really like Suna a lot but he’s been pretty much ignored for awhile now. What’s going on with Suna’s life? When is he gonna get a girl? Will he ever find love? Probably not since he says he’s not interested but I don’t care I just want something with Suna. Anything! How’s his dad? What’s his mom like? What are his hobbies? Favorite food? SOMETHING?


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