The past two week of this show haven’t been exactly riveting, as one would assume for this show. However, it is cute enough, and with two episodes of “content” that should give me something to work with. So let’s go right into the plot of the episodes.

So episode 3 starts with our titular character sitting down and ordering hot sake and goose liver. And honestly, for once, the food really doesn’t look that appealing to me. I mean…I’ve never really TRIED goose liver, and I really actually don’t want to.

Yeah....honestly that doesn't look too appetizing.
Yeah….honestly that doesn’t look too appetizing.

The reason she wanted to try it is because she has a bad day when she was blamed for something at work that she didn’t do.

awww...poor girl
awww…it’s okay (hugs)

However, after eating the food that she says is great with hot sake, she feels better. and that’s where the episode ends.

Episode 4 takes our character on a bit of travel as she heads on over to Hiroshima where she tries one of the local places which seems to have a special of sea urchins and watercress.

...mother of god
…mother of god

she then once again talks about how great the food is and how delectable it is.

Plot is for squares, like pants!
Plot is for squares, like pants!

She then realizes that it’s a little pricey and she couldn’t possibly but it that often, but it’s fine for sometimes.

meh, that's about 12ish bucks. That's like normal
meh, that’s about 12ish bucks. That’s like normal

And that’s where the episode ends.

Once again, in case you couldn’t tell, both these episodes, while being extremely short, also lacked in the plot department. Still, this show never claimed to have anything of the sort.

Episode 3 had a little more on that side as we dealt with her destressing from her job and how she uses food as a calming device while episode 4 had her visit a new location. So both had their merits.

This series however, as i’ve come to realize a few episodes in, is really just a commercial and advertisement for local Japanese dishes in an attempt at marketing. Honestly, it’s not a bad attempt. Some of the foods have looked good and I wouldn’t mind trying some of the ones shown on this series. (Except for the goose liver. No thanks on that one).

The main character, while having a soft spoken personality is still adorable and I find myself enjoying her company even though all she really does it talk about how much she loves food. (Hey girl from that stupid cooking show me and berri covered, I think you may have a rival here for who loves food more)

I isn't the porno face but still
I isn’t the porno face but still

For what this show is, it still is very cute and it is short enough that it doesn’t overstay its welcome. I’ll still be covering this, next time back to one a week. Honestly, here’s the weird thing. I saw two in a row this time, and even two episodes of 1 1/2 minutes start to overstay their welcome. This really is a series that can only really be enjoyed one episode a week. And that’s weird. Well done, but weird.

Episode 3: 6/10

Episode 4: 7/10


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