From voice acting to being in a radio show. You do have a script when you’re on a radio show, but a radio show mainly consists of the people making conversation. You have to really keep a conversation going and sound natural so that can be really hard if you’re not good at that *coughmecough* I think the person that had the hardest time doing this was, no surprise, Futaba.

The director wanted fresh faces to be in a radio show for the Buddha Fighter anime thing. This is good for Futaba, as she’ll still get to stick around in the recording sessions even though her part in the show is already over. And if she does well in the radio show, well…hopefully she won’t be kicked out of her agency. But Futaba still has a ways to go. She gets nervous and flustered extremely easily, and that comment made by her superior freaked her out, though at that time that was understandable. To promote their radio show, the Pastel Trio go on what’s her name’s own show, which is actually live so that just made the pressure for the girls even more. And who was today’s special guest?

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The always-sparkling Yukari Tamura, notable roles being Rika Furude (Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni), Nui Harime (Kill la Kill), and Nanoha (all Nanoha shows) among others. I think it’s safe to say we’ll have a voice actor guest in each episode. The girls advertise their show through nervous voices, but they did it.

[HorribleSubs] Sore ga Seiyuu! - 03 [1080p].mkv0095For their own show…well, it actually didn’t go too well. Thankfully theirs isn’t live, it’s recorded. So the bad stuff can just be edited. But the problem was that the girls had no idea what they were getting themselves into. They looked over the script really quickly, some of them not knowing what to do when it was “free” talk. Which means talking about anything. Whenever it came to things that weren’t written down, like talking about themselves or answering questions and keeping things interesting, things were awkward. Out of everyone, it was definitely Rin that did the best. She started off a little bumpy, not knowing who should talk first for introductions just like the other girls, but she soon found the rhythm and was sounding very natural. Ichigo was struggling, but after awhile she also got the hang of it though it took her much longer, while also keeping up her Strawberry persona. And, again no surprise, Futaba did the worst. She stuttered, asked weird questions, and just…was making things awkward. Obviously she’s the one that needs the most work. For their first web radio episode, they could do better. But at least it was something, even if it was all over the place. The director seemed to enjoy it though.

The girls have better and funnier conversations when they’re not being recorded, as we can see when they were in the restaurant and when they slept over at Ichigo’s place. It’s normal that people tense up when they’re being recorded for a show. They do have the potential to be great radio people, they just need to work on conquering their nerves more. But I’m sure they’ll do better in the next episode since they have a basic idea of what they should do.

I like seeing them in the radio show, but I also want to see more actual voice acting. But then again, this is a show about voice actors. Voice actors do more than just appear in anime, they also got to do radio shows, drama CDs, go to events, and other things. But those things are mostly for the super popular voice actors. Still, we need to see the results of that audition for that anime, but I’m also looking forward to seeing our trio work on the radio, since I’m more than ignorant on that subject.

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  1. Keiko

    Ahh, I’m already loved Tamura’s cute voice for it seems she’s got the sparkling aura in her! I laughed so hard several times that the Pastel Trio (shoot, I said that group name again!) went all nervous while about to promote their own radio show. Speaking of radio shows, I began to realize the fact that most radio stations in Japan are very much different than its Asian neighbors and in other countries because majority of which were the seiyuus.

    Since I’m a mass communication student BTW, the voice quality is very important in order to notice a specific audience whether in TV or radio. Guwaaa, I’d like to call these three “Futa-Futa,” “Rin-Rin” and “Ichigoron” from now on! The Buddha Fighter part was quite surprising especially Futa-Futa’s voice as Pipo; not to mention that the names of the Pastel Trio are in the ED theme credits.

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