Dammit, why does this show actually address legitimate roleplaying game flaws? Every episode I think it will finally be the one where they give up the ghost and just make it blatantly bikinis all episode without a joke, they do it again. Here we go this time and the heroes remark how poor they are so they invoke a right that heroes have: to fucking steal from people. That’s right, the bikini warriors go to people’s houses and explain it’s their right as heroes to do this and steal from them.

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At first they play it straight and people just let them walk in. They don’t even acknowledge them or say a word and they rifle through their belongings. And it’s true, how many times have the items you’ve won by rifling through areas saved you early game? Going to the right place even nets you some harder to gather items. I would love to see them lampshade why monsters have money sometime in the near future since it’s a point made often by the girl’s that they’re freakin’ broke.

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At the end of the episode they even get to stay in a luxurious hotel, and rather than security. . .all the freaking villagers come after them! They’re furious and I mean, who can blame them? At one point they take money from a little kid saving up money for his dad. But they had a very good point: they’re heroes, they need it to save the world. But the villagers aren’t having that. They end up naked in the forest.

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Man, I hope the heroes become villains in the end because they realize this shit isn’t profitable and no one cares about their well being or wants to help them, they just keep screwing them. Anyway, it’s fucking hilarious as usual and like I said I’m hoping soon they’ll address the money falling from random monsters. I wouldn’t put it passed this show.


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  1. Trejon

    This show is way more hilarious than it should be lol

  2. Oki

    I’m convinced they’re doing this to destroy me. I can’t quit, it’s too on point.

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