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Time sure does fly fast in this show. I thought we were going to learn more about the radio but now we’re getting into the unit/idol business. A unit! They’re going to be idols! Even though the girls didn’t get their roles in the 7 Colors Titan anime, they have a bigger break as a unit, and Ichigo is psyched. Soon we’ll see her strawberry princess powers.

The episode shows us the end of the Bodhisattvon (I’m sorry if I spelled that wrong) anime. Futaba had hoped to have landed another job by the time the anime was going to finish as she didn’t get the role for the other audition, but she never got anything. With the end of the anime that also meant the end of the radio show. I’m a little disappointed that we never got to see more of the web radio show as I had wanted to see the girls improve on their work as the director had pointed out. The show for the anime will end, but the girls will still continue to being on the radio but with a different title. A show about their unit. And in a unit, they’ll be singing, dancing, having concerts, they’ll have a CD debut soon, and in this episode they also had an interview with an anime magazine.

[HorribleSubs] Sore ga Seiyuu! - 04 [1080p].mkv0082It’s not the work that Futaba expected, but it’s definitely something. She was worried that she’d be out of a job after the Buddha Fighter anime and honestly things seemed bleak for her. She’s trying so hard to find a job and make her mark in the industry. Honestly her agency just sounds horrible. Ichigo is at her 12th loss, but she’s not going to give up, especially when it comes to something she always dreamed of doing: being an idol. Ichigo and Futaba are pretty jealous of Rin as she has two regular roles. But her life isn’t any easier because, if you all have forgotten…she’s just a kid. She’s in middle school, she’s not even close to graduating. So on top of her workload as a newcomer voice actress, she’s got to juggle her school work. And with this unit thing, I can imagine things are just going to get even busier with her.

The rest of the episode the girls have their own individual worries for the unit. Futaba is going on a diet, Ichigo is working on her hair to go with the super moe idol look, and Rin is trying to muster up the courage to get used to wearing short skirts. They all want to do their best on this so they’re doing everything they can to prepare. We don’t know anything about their singing and dancing skills, so I have a feeling that’ll be a conflict within their group. So we’ll see!

And our special guest for this week’s episode is Ginga Banjou, who played Bodhisattvon, the robot of the anime. He gave Futaba some reassuring advice that it’s okay that your character dies. Just give out an unforgettable dying performance, treasure that role, and move on to the next one. His characters have been killed over and over, but it doesn’t bother him and I think that was great motivational advice for Futaba.

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I’m embarrassed to say that I had to look him up because I had never heard of his name. But I suppose that it’s a little understandable as 90% of his roles are supporting characters. He’s an older man, so he plays older characters. And if you know anything about anime, it’s that the main characters ages range from young teen to young adult, but mainly teenagers. So yeah, he plays older characters. And he’s been in a lot of anime that I haven’t heard of or seen, oops. EXCEPT!

  • He played Netero in Hunter x Hunter (AAAAAAHHHHHHH)
  • and he also played Daniel D’Arby in the second half of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

Netero was a total badass..and that fight…ahhhhhfhjhgkjdfg. And I loved D’Arby the Gambler, those two episodes were one of my favorites in the show. The random English he inserted for D’Arby was entertaining, so you get a smiley sticker of approvement from me Ginga-san. Is all good, man…..is all good.


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  1. Wanderer

    I had to look up Ginga Banjou as well. Except in my case I haven’t seen anything he’s been in except for a few tiny bit parts that I can’t even remember. But that’s more a failure of my taste in not watching a number of seminal anime. He is most definitely NOT a nobody.

    On an unrelated note, the ED single is apparently set up like a web radio episode by Earphones: the girls’ idol unit. They do those special song requests that we’ve heard at the end of every episode, they call listeners, they answer mail, they do quiz questions… it’s really pretty of cute to listen to. I wish I understood more of it, but I can only make out general stuff. Although I think Ichigo accidentally reads a message from her father on the air before realizing what it is, and then gets all embarrassed, at one point…

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