So here we are, another episode that tells us the evil of a type of dance because it’s not Jey’s. Welp, there you go. End of review.


Episode 6/10



What? You mean there are people who actually not only are watching the show, but are still reading these Tribe Cool Crew reviews? Well, all right. I suppose I could elaborate a tad more.

So the episode starts up with Haneru wanting to try out the Crowd High dance, you know, wanting too see how it is before he dismisses it completely and Kanon sees him doing it. With a look on her face that looks as if she caught him smoking crack.

Haneru! You swore to me you were off that shit!
Haneru! You swore to me you were off that shit!

He asks if she would like to join, but she says she just wants to watch. After practice she asks him if he’s going to do it again, to which he responds, he doesn’t know as Crowd High actually IS a lot of fun.

Then we cut to Momiji being adorable around Yuzuru, warning him again about how Crowd High’s going to do something evil. I’d roll my eyes at this..but Momiji really IS adorable so it’s hard to be annoyed at her.

goddamn it Momiji, why are you so adorable?!
goddamn it Momiji, why are you so adorable?!

Know what, i’m going to pause here for a moment. Look. Show. I know i’ve mentioned this a few times in the past. But seriously. You really really need a new opening. it’s been FORTY EPISODES. Some of the characters you have in the opening are not even relevant, nor have been in over 15 episodes. And yet they don’t have Momiji, the MC, or Lui or Moe in the cast picture. If you’re not going to have a new opening, the least you can do is squeeze these guys in. They’re pretty damn important to the plot.

Anyway back to the plot. Okay. So the Jey brigade is upset that Crowd High is becoming popular. So much in fact that people are beginning to not care about Jey anymore. To that I say “Good”. Fuck Jey anyway.

Meanwhile Kumo knows that Haneru tried Crowd High and wants to see him try it. He does so, but Kumo stops him when he thinks it’s getting too “Dangerous” whatever the hell that means.

Emperor: Good...good..let the hate flow through your dance. Because that doesn't sound retarded at all...
Emperor: Good…good..let the hate flow through your dance. Because that doesn’t sound retarded at all…

And…honestly, I liked the way Haneru’s Crowd High dance looked. I think it was pretty cool. Then again, what do I know about dancing? I must be evil. Oh well.

Haneru thinks that maybe they can incorporate Crowd High into their dance but Kanon interrupts crying about how doing so will not let them have the heart of the cards or something stupid like that.

(insert beaker from the muppets noises here)
(insert beaker noises from the muppets here)

As Kanon gets upset, that’s when Jey’s magical mcguffin badge goes off to let them know about the final round of Dance Road. It seems the final round is going to take place on, get this, Jey’s private island which not only houses war orphans, but has its own economy and schools. Fan-fucking-tastic.

I am rich super jesus! LOVE ME!
I am rich super jesus! LOVE ME!

Oh, and the theme is spirit.

Haneru then has a dream about Jey and goes back to LuiMoe the next day to inform them that he won’t be dancing Crowd High anymore. At first they ask him why he’s satisfied with dancing behind him, but Haneru responds with “No, I’ll dance BESIDE HIM!” They think it’s childish and honestly, so do I.

The rest of the group is proud of him though and Haneru and Kanon have a dance battle because why not?

So yeah. That’s the end of the episode.

This episode seemed to have some mixed messages. It’s like “Make sure you test something before you say if it’s bad or  not” But oh yeah. It really IS bad. And I STILL don’t see why it’s bad. Like…what’s so bad about it? It turns you evil or something? I…I don’t even.


I really don’t see what the big deal is. It’s a dance. Are they saying that doing so will make you become an asshole? Is that what they’re trying to say? That this dance is going to destroy the world with it’s……strong steps? I….what? I thought dancing was about expressing yourself. Maybe people….WANT to let out their anger and frustration through dance? Just a thought?

This show is normally good, but i’m getting a bit tired of their sanctimoniousness and how Jey’s dancing is like Jesus and how Crowd High, which, mind you is DANCING, is apparently the second coming of satan.

All in all, i’ll be very happy when they go back to their filler and forget about crowd high for a while. I AM getting really sick of Jey’s crap though. I don’t like him. There’s something going on with him and I’m interested to find out what. If he really IS this goody goody, then that’s just some bad writing.

I want to see where this goes, but I know i’m going to be a bit annoyed as they’re going to continue to laud Jey like a saint and ignore the fact that right now LuiMoe are far more interesting characters to root for. Oh well.

Episode 6/10


(For real this time)


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  1. twsited

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU THANK YOU FOR THIS REVIEW HONESTLY, what does jey expect he hasn’t even been in public !!

  2. BodaciousSpacePirate

    I still feel like Jey’s been dead this whole time, and that’s why he never appears in public.

    The whole “a sniper was going to shoot him with an EMP bullet” doesn’t really make that much sense unless he’s a hologram or something.

  3. hideki sohma

    That makes sense to me. I think he’s already dead too. I think that the group of those guys in HQ are trying to continue his “ideals” and are using holographic overlays to make it looks like it’s him talking to people. That’s the only thing that really makes sense. Unless he never existed to begin with and is like a vocaloid thing and he’s just a program and his life history is faked.

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