Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 35: Dependence

“I’m sorry for being like this… I’m really sorry…”

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I feel more and more pity for Tsukiyama each week. His old self was actually pretty great – flamboyant and dramatic. It was hard to take him seriously, but he was a fun character after he spent his introduction arc as an antagonist. Now he’s just a wreck who screams incomprehensibly and begs for ‘high-quality’ food, then returns to his senses before apologizing over and over. It’s really sad. I don’t really like Kanae as I’ve said, but I guess he has it hard too – having to serve a master who’s now lost everything he once loved about him, and having to contend with the idea of saving Tsukiyama at the cost of abandoning the rest of the family. Whatever he decides to do, he’ll have to do it quickly, because the CCG are closing in fast this time.

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Unlike the auction arc, we seem to be jumping straight into things this time. I have no idea how the CCG managed to predict the movements of the Tsukiyama family servants, but Kijima has recognized them as ‘Rose’ and have successfully lured them out. It’s kind of hard to tell who they are, but from the kagune wall one of them is probably Matsumae, who’s been cornered by a sadistic-looking Ihei Hairu. My thoughts on her this week ranged from ‘she’s so cool~’ to ‘what exactly is that thing on her arm?’ but at any rate, it looks like Matsumae won’t be surviving this arc if her detachable kagune was destroyed this easily. Is that thing even a quinque? It looks like it’s fused to her arm or something. It can’t be a koukaku kagune… right?

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And is it wrong that I’m more worried for Haise than I am for Tsukiyama right now? All I want him to do is to close the door and leave, NOW. I guess this is supposed to parallel the way things were in the original manga, but meeting Uta alone cannot be good for Haise, at all. He doesn’t even look surprised that Uta is a ghoul – although he should know that the person from HySy who sent the mask is associated with Kaneki and is thus likely to be a ghoul anyway. Hinami might have helped him out with the location, but this is clearly something Haise is doing on his own initiative, so a fight is unlikely – and being a half-ghoul himself, he won’t go attacking a random ghoul running a shop just because he’s exposed his kakugan. A talk is probably all that’ll happen, but I still have a really, really bad feeling about this.

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