Dragon Ball Super ep 1 [First Impression]

*HEAVE* It’s here! The show we should all be freaking out over is here! Despite the hardships in getting subs I honestly can’t do anything but freak out over this even with incomplete subs. I took two years of Japanese for a freakin’ reason! I’m honestly surprised for such a beloved series this is harder to get ahold of. I guess Sailor Moon Crystal did get one advantage, it was broadcast essentially everywhere.

Dragon Ball Super - 001 [720p - jap Aac - softsub Ita Eng - No Clock].mkv_20150705_162440.500

One thing about Dragon Ball I had missed was, with all the media created nowadays for it Dragon Ball Z has lost one of it’s key element: Goku. A lot of media and everything really lost how amazing and adorkable this parent of the year is. Come on Goku, I know he can do it but don’t let your young child run heavy machinery! Goku is still naive as ever, never seeing the harm in much. This is the Goku that made the series as important as it was- a series with a significant protagonist that remains true to the naive and happy love of fighting that has always been his motivation.

Dragon Ball Super - 001 [720p - jap Aac - softsub Ita Eng - No Clock].mkv_20150705_151613.125

Jesus, I’m just in a good mood watching this. Something about laughing everytime Goku eats a feast. It’s also good to remember how terrifying the powers of the people involved to fight Goku are. Like the villain, who kinda blew up half a planet because the food was slightly greasy. OkAy. THAT’S FINE! Really this will all come down to an eating contest.

Dragon Ball Super - 001 [720p - jap Aac - softsub Ita Eng - No Clock].mkv_20150705_153436.406

Most of the episode goes to showing a lot of the aftermath of the Buu stuff, and pretty much completely undoes GT. I’m fine with that. In any case, I enjoyed everything about the episode. When Goten and Trunks went on an adventure for a wedding present, seeing Videl- as a little girl I loved Videl and Android 18 the most because hey, I was a little girl! I wanted to see one of the people kicking ass to be a girl. And Videl, who can kick so much ass, simultaneously is just so adorable now. I love her outfit. I love how kindhearted she is for the kids too.

Dragon Ball Super - 001 [720p - jap Aac - softsub Ita Eng - No Clock].mkv_20150705_160538.953

The plot is rearing it’s head, but it speaks volumes that you can just enjoy for nostalgia’s sake the things you see. An instant transmission save of Goten when he mishandles the equipment, the callback to DragonBall with the Goten and Trunks adventure, even having Mr. Satan give money to Goku. It all felt like I was seeing the cast act like themselves, like this is truly a sequel already. I’m nothing but excited and you can bet your ass I’m covering this.

Dragon Ball Super - 001 [720p - jap Aac - softsub Ita Eng - No Clock].mkv_20150705_161357.765

Hngh. There’s nothing like bringing back your childhood than bringing back the classics. Here’s hoping it sticks on track now! And I swear to God if this guy ruins the catering at Videl and Gohan’s wedding. . .


Midnight’s Impressions

Oh wow, I think I almost cried in this episode not because it was particularly sad or anything but because of how at home I felt during the episode. I think the best comparison I can make is meeting up with a old friend after a long time. It was kind of like that. The moment the opening started, my heart began to sour a little. There was a lot to love in this episode, from the Dragon Ball feel of the episode where Trunks and Goten were fighting a giant snake.

To the part where Mr. Satan gives the prize for saving the world to Goku. Which meant the world to me as a Mr. Satan fan. Next time anyone tries to trash on him, I’ll point to this scene.

I love seeing Beerus and his assistant again, Battle of the Gods was a wonderful movie. I watched it during a real down point in my life and it really perked me up. Seeing these characters again, it’s wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Beerus, also seeing whoever those alternate versions of them are. In Battle of the Gods, it mentions alternate universes. I hope that comes up in this season.
It’s good to see they didn’t change his personality at all between Battle of the Gods and this either. Blowing up half a planet because the food is too greasy is totally something a guy who threw a temper tantrum over not getting pudding would do.

I loved the part with Mr. Satan and Buu too, because that’s the best cover up lie I’ve ever heard in my life. “He’s come from across the universe to train under me.” like, that’s beautiful. Only Mr. Satan could lie and be confident while wearing a pink suit.

Next episode, we have a focus on Vegeta and his family. Which as we’ve seen in Battle of the Gods, he loves quiet a bit. So how is he going to handle being on vacation with them? Well, no matter how he handles it. I’m going to be in stitches.


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2 Responses

  1. metalhunter says:

    Anyone else appreciate the focus on Goku and his family. It really shows that even though he’s a um…..bad dad, he really does love his kids. Speaking of that scene with Videl and the water was absoultely adorable.

    • Oki says:

      Absolutely loved it. He may be dumb but he loves his kids, he’s just raising them the way he raised himself.

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