Bikini Warriors now confronts the famous concept of party members who act as if they’re the most powerful things in existence only to be the exact same level or worse as your party. Stuff like this reminds me of many RPGs while also referring to some who straight up invert that trope by letting a character’s power be taken away from them for some reason. This is a pretty big issue in RPGs and whenever you can recruit someone who was terrible to fight it’s even worse: they are never that powerful.

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I liked this episode for its humor but I won’t lie, most of it is because I’m a very bad person who likes to watch the things that happen to these girls. Hell, I like to watch them stand still. No one in this team is poorly endowed and every episode never fails to remind me that all I need for this show to become a hentai is for the main characters to be naked instead of in bikinis. I guess that’s why this show is called Bikini Warriors and not Naked Warriors. (Hoe don’t do it! Fun fact: that’s a fighting force)

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The more I watch this show the more it reminds me of some tawdry NSFW video games online. No I will not link you! Don’t even mention it in the comments. But the worst part is that the things that happen to these girls are very reminiscent of this, and they just keep doing it! who would keep doing this?! This is awful for them, there is like no glory!

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The best part about dark elf is revealed this episode though: she originally sucked. She was full of hot air and tried to take on the final boss because she made a mistake. The more I learn about these lovable idiots the more I like the show. We came for the boobs, stayed for the jokes (and the boobs), and we might just end up loving it for the characters (and their boobs).