Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 40: Comprising

“I’ll break your neck!”

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So… someone’s trying to do a Kuroiwa Jr. I’m pleased by how much stronger the Quinx have become as a group, though – with the exception of supposedly Saiko, whose strength is still ambivalent at best. I still can’t say I like Urie much, but now his arrogance can be backed up by what seems to be actual skill – all that weight training paid off I guess. Kanae also got himself creamed by Urie and Shirazu back during the auction, so already I wasn’t too worried – he can’t have gotten much stronger if he spent the time-skip taking care of his precious Master Shuu. All he’s got going for him is his money, which means he’s able to hire people stronger than him to do his dirty work. I bet he’s thinking he really should have hired an executive with the amount of cash he can throw around. Too bad for the ‘Yamori Clan’ as well, because they won’t be getting any bonuses at this rate.

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_re 40 Img005Saiko, on the other hand, I’m slightly more worried about. We have no idea if she can actually access whatever let her kill Nutcracker back at the auction – as much as I’d like to see her fight, it feels more like Haise will come and rescue her at the last minute after dealing with the white suits. Also Mutsuki might be in trouble if the ‘quinque user’ Hakatori is anywhere near as strong as his or her superior, Tatara. She’s basically running the same build as Haise and the Quinx – dual kagune and quinque use. And speaking of Nutracker, Shirazu is pretty much frozen at the thought of using what’s presumably the quinque the CCG made out of her. Ironically, it’s something I’d have thought Mutsuki would have done at the start of the manga. I guess that makes Promotion-kun the most reliable Quinx for now, holy crap. How scary.

5 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 40: Comprising

      1. Yeeeeaaaah…don’t know what tokyo ghoul is trying to do but it picks so many things from dorohedoro I couldn’t bear it, I reme
        mber kafka drama about turning into a suporpowered cannibal thing -not sure why they never thought of buying sushi or raw stuff- and I dropped it ’cause doro is something else.

  1. Its nice to see Urie being badass, I know he gets much hate but he has slightly improved over the last few chapters so he kinda deserves some cool moments. Kanae better has a Plan B otherwice using himself as bait, thinking he could beat shirazu and Urie was prity stupid. Shirazu is kinda out of the Pictiure, as long as his trauma of Nuts has him frozen but Kanae didnt know that. Other than that Mutsuki is really showing this chapter that he deserved his double Promotion, a A-rank ghoul like Torso is just fooder against him. The Katana-ghoul, who is working under Tatara, is a other story though. There is a bit of irony in this matchup, a ghoul with a quinque Vs a dove with a Kagune, the diffrences of CCG and Aogiri seem to slowly disapper more and more over the corse of the Story it seams.
    As for Saiko…………………………..Isida, pls. Don`t break our hearts :-(.

    1. Matsumae saved Kanae last time, didn’t she? He was seriously about to die back then, too. Poor guy overestimating his abilities.

      I’m actually surprised quinque-wielding ghouls haven’t appeared earlier. If a ghoul kills a dove, then nothing’s stopping them from stealing their weapon at the same time. I guess it’d be hard to handle since they’d get hurt if they touched the material?


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