Gangsta ~ Episode 7 [flash backs and candy]

Today on the ‘This is not how you parent’ show, or Gangsta, we learn how not to react to finding out that your son is smoking. Namely, you do not shove a burning cigarette in his eye. That is your important parenting PSA for this episode, if you do this. You might find yourself dead and no one in the audience will give a damn when you’re gone. I’m not entirely sure your own son will give a damn, he may be upset about it.
Not entirely sure he really cares though, I mean, you’re kind of a jackass.


Worick’s fathers god awful parenting aside, this episode was filled with interesting character interactions and the continued plot of all of the dead bodies that the Handymen were called in to look at. Apparently, they’re all Twilights. Someone is wiping them out, there’s little to no chance that it’s a normal. No normal would be capable of taking out some of these guys. We catch a brief glimpse of these guys at the end of the episode, two kids, one girl and a one boy.

They seem pretty off their rockers, at least the boy does. He wants to keep an eye as a trophy, though the girl says that they can’t take anything but the tags. I’m not sure how I feel about these kids, are they really kids? We learn that Doug, the Twilight that was out to kill Monroe a few episodes back. He’s like, 21 years old despite looking like he can’t be much older then sixteen.
So they could be so much older then they look.


The most impressive part of this episode is the progression in Alex’s character, after the events of last episode. Her moment with Worick, it seems like she’s progressing a lot. The first thing we are welcomed with at the beginning of the episode with Alex being very motherly to Worick. Holding him when he has a nightmare, like her mother used to do to her.
It shows a huge leap in trust progressing from when she first came there, under the impression that they would use her for her body. I’m really liking how her character is progressing. How she’s slowly overcoming the drugs that were given to her and the trauma that she’s been through. I’m glad to see her coming to trust the Handymen more.


The relationship between Nicolas and Worick is thrown into question when we see how Worick reacts to Nicolas murdering his father. What exactly is their relationship? It’s never come across to me as one made purely out of spite, nor does it come across to me as just a contract holder and his contracted. It’s been almost guaranteed to us that Nicolas is going to die and it’s going to kill me!
I love Nicolas, I hate his father. I love how Worick thought of Nicolas and how he felt for him as a child. I hate Worick’s father. I hate the anti-Twlight movement. There is so much suffering in this series and it hurts me deeply.
Is it so wrong of me to just want these guys to be happy!? I know it’s not even a thing that can happen, but like, if Alex, Worick and Nicolas could just…stay together and work together forever. That would be ideal for me. Sadly, this is not that kind of anime.


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