Just like I wanted, Shirayuki took a stand against Izana near the end. Making it perfectly clear that she’s not going anywhere and no one is going to kick her out of Clarines. Not even him. She ain’t moving an inch, even if someone like him is going to be sticking around. Because her desire to stay by Zen is too strong. No confession this episode, though I’m not at all surprised.

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Izana thought of Shirayuki as a nuisance. It always comes back to social status. Shirayuki is a nobody. The fact that Zen is head over heels for her, and also the fact that because of what Raj said at the party, he thinks she might cause Zen problems in the future. She has no political status and for a prince to have someone by his side that will not offer more, it’ll just make other kings look down on him. And so Izana thought Shirayuki a nuisance and wanted to drive her out of Clarines and send her back with Raj, but of course that doesn’t happen. No way was that going to happen, so I didn’t think anything like that was going to happen in this episode. Also he saw from her encounter with Raj just how serious about wanting to be in Clarines. She wasn’t there to just get into the royal family or anything, she’s not like that. I’m pretty sure Izana was able to see that as well with that little sparring match with Zen. So all’s well that ends well. Raj makes a fool of himself once more, Shirayuki kinda tells him off about stepping up to becoming a respectable prince, and he leaves and all is well.

[HorribleSubs] Akagami no Shirayukihime - 07 [1080p].mkv0038We learned a bit about who Izana is this episode with some sort of backstory we got out of Zen. He’s actually not as cold as he seems. Handling those two countries, Izana was able to show great leadership skills and care for the people. He hates leaders who leave their people to die and with all of that negotiating and cunning work, Zen grew to really admire his brother. That’s why he said to Shirayuki that he could never show hostility towards his brother. I kinda didn’t like the guy because of last week’s episode, but I knew there just had to be more than him than what we saw. He’s more complex, and he’s a lot more caring than he seems. And wanting to drive Shirayuki out…well, that was his way of looking out for his own brother. I guess that’s fine too.

This episode was a lot better than last week’s. Probably because things were made clearer for me. I love how Shirayuki never backs down. I’m starting to like Izana a little more. Zen is just a dear. And Raj is a funny idiot, and I think after speaking with Shirayuki he might become a better prince for Tanbarun. I hope.

I expect more hand holding and hugging from our main pair. The “Shirayuki is my fiancee!” thing has only gotten worse. The guards and servants all think that Zen and Shirayuki are a thing and are really engaged, so Zen told Shirayuki about this and she said she’d be okay and just act normally. But she can hear and see that this topic has become a really big thing, so I’m eager to see how this fiacee thing will play out later.

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  1. Nikolita

    I agree with Izana not being as bad as he initially seemed. It just throws me that he looks so much like Howl when he has his hair down.

    LoL, I’m looking forward to seeing how the “she’s his fiancee” thing will play out further in the series too. ;D Only because I like romantic drama because I’m a brat like that.

    It’s interesting for me to see how social class and rank are playing out in this series. We have 2 characters so far (Izana and Lord Haruka – was that his name?) who’ve doubted Shirayuki’s intentions simply because she comes from a commoner background. I just hope it is not something that is overused, otherwise it’ll become repetitive.

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