Ah Tribe cool crew. Come every season I review, you’re still around. For me, tribe cool crew has been like a puppy.
Cute, harmless, and only once in a while pees on the bed. That being said, we are in Final arc filler territory where
I have a feeling we’re going to have quite a few more of these filler episodes before we get to the final round of dance road
as i’m torn. I don’t know whether or not the show’s going to continue after dance road is over. Until then, I’m enjoying the ride.
So this filler delight focuses on Haneru not having done his summer homework. Like, at all. His mom tries to get him to do it, but
he runs away to go dancing with his friends. To counter this, his mom calls the rest of the gang and tells them not to let him dance
until he does some of his homework.
Oh shit son! You got MOM'ED!
Oh shit son! You got MOM’ED!

Caught, Haneru has no choice but to work on some of his homework, especially the “Free study”.
Okay, quick lesson. In Japan, kids have to do a lot of homework during their summer break as Summer is not the end of their school year.
(the school year running april to march) they also have a thing called “Free study” in which they have to do a report on any topic they want.
All right. Lesson over.

He decides to team up with his friends the basketball guy and the other friend. They rack their brain trying to come up with ideas for their
project until of course Haneru comes up with the idea of “Dance”. Wow Haneru…took you all of five seconds to come up with that one?
So yeah, they decide to do their project on dancing, or, more specifically, what makes dancing awesome.
I...I don't think that's it.
I…I don’t think that’s it.
So they first try to get a history lesson of dancing from Yuzuru but find that too boring so they decide to interview random dancers on the
street to see what they consider awesome dancing. With not a whole lot of luck they decide the best thing to do is compare
someone who dances well to a newbie and have them both do the same move and see why one’s better than the other. It’s because
the experience guy is more into it. They then all try to dance, however, the basketball guy has absolutely no dance coordination.
He tries but fails repetitively. Finally he’s told to invision that if he makes a wrong move, he’ll step on a kitten.
Many a kitten was squished that day
Many a kitten was squished that day

Finally with that image in his mind he’s able to do it and they’re on their way to completing their project and that’s where the episode ends.

This episode really was a giant time waster. I mean, I’m all for filler episodes, but usually they have to have something happen. last episode
we saw Kumo dressed as a spider guy dancing. another episode had Kanon and Yuzuru fight off robbers. Usually filler episodes have SOMETHING happen. Really the only good thing about this episode was we got to see Haneru’s friends do more stuff. and honestly, I like these two guys so it was kind of refreshing. Other than that, this episode was a whole lot of nothing.
(seen here, a whole lot of nothing)
(seen here, a whole lot of nothing)
Not to say this episode was BAD, there was just nothing to it. We figured from the beginning that Haneru would be one of those “wait until the
last minute” types when it comes to school work. Seeing him want to procrastinate in this is not interesting, it’s frustrating. I want him to get
his damn homework done and not watch him shove it off to the side.
As I said, the only highlight of this episode was really seeing his friends do stuff as they don’t nearly get enough screentime. If i were to ever
rewatch this series in a marathon setting…this is one of the episodes I would skip. It’s not important enough to anything or even entertaining enough
to really be worth the time of watching. However, if it’s your first time watching…meh, i’d say it’s worth not skipping. It’s a one time watch episode.
Episode 5/10