Chaos Dragon ep 8 [ So Your Sister’s A Necromancer ]

This episode we learn the truth of what kind of character Inori is. I anticipated her to be a character who would try to rule over others and would hate Ibuki or perhaps be simply a puppet. I was wrong, Inori was basically something I did not expect in this show. We’ll get to that.

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The big shocker this episode was the reappearance of someone who we know to be dead: Mashiro. That’s right, the key mystery to this episode was the fact that Inori is alive and so is Mashiro. While Inori’s life seems to be something that makes perfect sense and has been a secret many characters hid for awhile, the same cannot be said for Mashiro: we saw her die.

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Sometimes this show keeps me watching because it has those genuine moments of “wow fuck you show!” because who the fuck expects to see this stuff?! Yeah some of this stuff has been done in other animes but nothing has quite been like “well go fuck yourself” like this show. First episode? Fucking kill your friends! Second episode? You fucking didn’t save your friend you suck! I’m sorry to use fuck so much but this show literally keeps going “have a healthy dose of what the fuck why would you fucking fuck what”! I enjoy it more because of it but sometimes the pacing just needs to learn to chill out!

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We essentially learn Inori is crazy. It’s funny that her appearance and her name both call upon Inori from Guilty Crown and just to broach that topic a bit: Inori is very heavily connected to the main character’s sister who has a bit of a special obsession with her brother, in that show. So now we have Inori who has a similar outfit and a similar design who happens to be especially talented (similar to the concept of Mana who was also ‘special’ and meant to be something great) who also seems to go to extreme crazy lengths for her brother.

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That’s not to say it was bad, perhaps this show can expand on the ‘Mana’ type characters in a more terrifying and interesting way. Guilty Crown did a fair job and I’m not sure how Chaos Dragon compares so far but I’d say NECROMANCY MIGHT BE FUCKING CLOSE! Congratulations Guilty Crown no show has made me caps lock in sheer WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK this entire season! You get the honor!

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So Inori is being set up to actually be the big bad, I feel, and fully admitted she made Mashiro into a Returned One aka zombie. She just casually admits this. “Oh my brother liked her so I brought her back to life” so much hate ya crazy! So much hate! I might love her. We’ll see next episode. What even is this show?? “My brother likes a girl and I love him so I’ll bring her back to life that’s normal right? Haha it isn’t? Go fucking die you swine.”


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