Gakkou Gurashi ~ Episode 7 [Letter]

The first half of the episode is dedicated to crushing our souls and vice versa, the second half of the episode is designed to lift them up. If I had to pick an episode that summed up the entire feeling of this series, it would probably be this one. The first half of the episode, Yuki nearly had to face the fact that Megu-nee is no longer with them and boarders slipping out of her delusions.
The second half of it has Kurumi chasing around pigeons to get a carrier pigeon to deliver their letters to the outside world. I feel as if there is almost even a contrast in the animation between the two halves of the episode.


Something seems more dark about the first half, the moment in particular where Yuki is thinking about the car ride back from the mall. Each character turning into Megu-nee for a moment, a car that fits four. Which fits the four girls perfectly, but what about Megu-nee? Rii-chan is a genius in her excuse that Megu-nee’s house was close by to the mall and she walked.
It still caused Yuki to run out and question herself, question if Megu-nee was really there or not. It’s hard, seeing herself struggle with her own delusions. Which are part of what helps keep the group from loosing it all together.

The girls stumble upon a stationary and decide to write letters, however, sending them without leaving the school is kind of hard. Well it’s a good thing we have the balloons from the test of courage. Now they just need some helium to fill them up with, thank goodness for the scuba club. Yes, they had one of those. Why? uh, I don’t know. It’s either part of the giant conspiracy that is this school and how strangely over prepared for everything it is or it’s simple plot convenience. Who knows?


This was a fairly simple episode content wise, however, we’ve got another change in the opening and a complete change in the ending. The place where Megu-nee was in the opening is now a shot of her grave, the picture of her on the white board in the scene where Yuki hugs Miki is half erased. They’re not even trying to be subtle about it anymore. Now there is only one happy scene left in that pan of happy scenes, the girls have become zombies, Miki’s friend is walking away, Megu-nee is dead. The only thing left is Taromaru….is anyone else REALLY frightened about this?


The ending is less filled with dread but still not much better, it showcases the girls sleeping in the broken and tattered class room. It’s fairly subdue, nothing special but a change none the less. The next episode is titled ‘Future’, I’m interested in what the content will be.


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