Ah, time for my favorite show of the week that nobody seems to watch (okay, maybe tied with Tribe Cool Crew) but the hell with it. I really enjoy this show and I feel this show has to be talked about SOMEWHERE, So i’m going to keep going. Plus..you know, i’m 19 episodes in. So let’s just start up this recap.

The episode begins with Kagami trying to watch a power rangers type show, but his sister talking about how she really loves this idol group and wants to watch them live on TV. (foreshadowing much?) Irregular twin tails then forces Kagami to walk the streets to find anyone underage that should be in school but is ditching. Eventually they come across a girl in front of an arcade. She tries to run from them, and irregular twin tails decides to break off and look for other ones, while Kagami knows exactly where she is and stays behind to talk to her.

huh. I'll have to write that one down.
huh. I’ll have to write that one down.

It turns out that she stopped going to school when she was 13 and now wanders the streets every day basically learning street smarts and wandering around. Eventually they come across a crane game and it slips that she’s a fan of the new power rangers show. She thinks he’ll make fun of her, but of course it’s Kagami and they click.


Unfortunately this is broken up as a gang starts to chase them. As they run away they come across a random mugger who threatens them, but the gang shows up and deal with him.

Apparently the gang is actually her gang as she was a member of the gang that face punch and cyborg human belonged to. Since the gang broke up, she was left with the task of creating an all new one.

Kagami goes home to see that he received two free tickets to the idol concert for the group that his sister really loves.

bitch, i was gonna take potatoes...or anime voice...or that girl who's the daughter of the video game president. You know..somebody who wants my dick
bitch, i was gonna take potatoes…or anime voice…or that girl who’s the daughter of the video game president. You know..somebody who wants my dick

They see the concert and at the end of it Kagami gets a phone call. It’s the idol girl who wants to meet with him after the concert as she’s the one who gave him the tickets. She knows that he’s been hanging out with the gang girl and it turns out that the gang girl is her sister. She asks Kagami if he’ll help convince her to quit the gang, but unfortunately the gang girl is there and states her case to her sister.

Jesus! I guess we know where all the breasts in the family went...and why they chose her to be an idol....
Jesus! I guess we know where all the breasts in the family went…and why they chose her to be an idol….

The plan sadly backfires on the idol sister as Kagami thinks the gang girl made a stronger case and goes off to join her gang.

dude. not gonna lie, that gang is kind of a sausage fest.
dude. not gonna lie, that gang is kind of a sausage fest….also it has some guys that aren’t detailed well.

Unfortunately after a while of hanging out, their usual arcade gets closed down, but Kagami says he’ll help them make their own.

The idol sister apparently is offered a role in a tv show, however, she ends up showing up at Kagami’s door and telling him that if he doesn’t help her sister leave the gang, she’ll have to quit being an idol. And that’s where the episode ends.

This episode was…interesting. I know that’s a phrase I use a lot for episodes, but hey, it’s better than the alternative. I do like how they flip the normal expectation and actually have Kagami join the gang, rather than tell her she’d have to leave the gang right away as other characters in this position would have done.

That’s one of the things that makes this show so interesting. Kagami is not a normal protagonist and does things a lot differently than other characters in the same position would.

For being a gang, these guys are like...the most innocent gang ever.
For being a gang, these guys are like…the most innocent gang ever.

I know that Kagami has a plan for this situation, I actually am invested in seeing how this plan works out though. I don’t know how he’s going to work things out with the sisters and what’s going to come of it. But unlike some other arcs I could mention, I actually do care about what’s going on.

You know, one of the things that drives me nuts about this show is the romance or lack thereof. They put in indications that girls want him, but he doesn’t seem to do anything about it. So i’m wondering…out of the three, potatoes, anime voice, and video game girl, which of three would you want to see him with? I’m actually having a hard time deciding myself. If I HAD to pick out of the three….gun to my head…I’d like to pair him up with Anime voice. But…that’s just me.

Anyway, that being said, this was a pretty good episode and I actually am excited for part 2.

Episode 7/10


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  1. gorgonzola

    I’ m not following this, Idk what’s going on and will sound dumb, but it looks like these guys are busy looking for a story development or something:/ Like I feel I don’t get what is this about.
    I guess kudos go to the romance thing in a way it says boys and girls are not required to go skinny dippy and can stay friends till the end of the story. Too soon to tell though brace youselves for boobs are coming (?).

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