I love the small twists that this takes on the established material each week. I love how Beerus sneaks up on Vegeta and trolls the hell out of him. I love the comedy in all of these episodes. I love Dragon Ball Super. We we’ve said before in this duo coverage, we’re covering this from two different points of view. From the point of view of someone that has seen Battle of the Gods [me], and someone who hasn’t [Oki]. Somehow though, I can’t imagine how seeing the movie or not seeing the movie effects your viewing pleasure.


Take this episode for example, when Beerus shows up to the party. There are a number of considerable differences between the movie and the episode. My personal favorite being the Russian Takoyaki challenge that Krillin runs over with. The idea that the entire plate is full of normal balls of Takoyaki, except for one of them. Which is filled with Wasabi.
Beerus takes the first one and makes a face, which Vegeta freaks out and thinks he got the Wasabi one and imagines the world blowing up. However, it was just Beerus reacting to how delicious it was. It was in fact Krillin that got the one that was filled with Wasabi.


The one thing that didn’t change between the movie and this episode of Super is the point of tension that begins Beerus on his world ending temper tantrum is the fact that Buu would not share his pudding. I can’t say why, maybe it’s because Mr. Satan was there with him and offered some to Beerus and Whis, or maybe it’s because Whis was really nice to explain their situation to Buu but Buu seems like he’s acting like even more of a brat then usual.


I have to say, this episode had a lot to enjoy in it. For people who have seen the movie and for people who haven’t, not I can’t proclaim that I personally had a real issue with last weeks animation, this week cleaned up it’s act quiet a bit. There was some animation blurring from place to place but for the most part, i’d say they did a pretty solid job.

There wasn’t a lot of action but the things that did happen were hilarious, also, little kid Vegeta is adorable and nobody can tell me otherwise. King Vegeta is an idiot for not giving Beerus the most comfy pillow, like seriously? Hogging it for yourself? Against the destroyer of worlds and thinking he won’t notice? Who is that stupid? you know this guy could destroy your planet for looking at you the wrong way and you hog the good pillow to yourself?
Saiyans, am I right?
Looks like next week we’re in for a heap of action, with Beerus fighting with the Z fighters. I wonder if at any point during this arc we’ll get the Super version of the infamous “Vegeta makes a fool out of himself dancing” scene. I mean, in this one, he dives into the sea, kills a giant octopus and cooks up Takoyaki for Beerus. Which would of worked if it wasn’t for Buu..oh well, FIGHTING!