Junjou Romantica 3 ~ Episode 8 [Red hot Jealousy]

Here we are at episode 8 and we have another Romantica story. No complaints here! So let’s dive straight in and talk about what kind of delicious yaoi drama we’re in for today. So the episode begins with Usagi cuddled up against Misaki early in the morning and by cuddled against. I mean, wrapped around and smothering poor Misaki in his sleep.
No, Usagi, that’s your boyfriend not a teddy bear.

The major conflict of this episode comes when Misaki is asked to deliver some snacks and paper work to Ijuin at his apartment and maybe help talk him out of a slump that he’s been going through. You know the major problem with this is that I am fairly sure that everyone BUT Misaki is clued into the fact that Ijuin-sensei has a crush on him.
Hell, even his new editor that hasn’t really begun working yet is like. “Well, you’re the guy that he likes.” in that, ‘back off bitch, i want him to myself’ kinda way. So Misaki heads off to bring the stuff to him.


While at his house, Misaki cheers him up. Helps him clean, sits and eats the snacks with him. Get’s his private space invaded and gets told that Ijuin likes boys like him. Yet SOMEHOW, through all of this. He keeps insisting to Usagi later in the episode that it isn’t like that! HOW BLIND DO YOU HAVE TO BE KID? THIS GUY, CLEARLY WANTS TO PUT IT IN YOU. I’m saying there is being dense and then there is Misaki.


So clearly, since Usagi gets a call from Isaka saying that Ijuin wants to have dinner with him. He knows that something went on when Misaki went there. Once again, to jump on Misaki and call him an idiot for a second. This whole thing would of been over a whole hell of of a lot sooner if you just manned up and said that Usagi was your boyfriend.
I’m just saying, it’s because you keep denying that there is any kind of relationship beyond that your the younger brother of his best friend that you keep getting people wanting to be with you.

Also, i’m pretty sure i’ve brought this up before, but when colored in. Ijuin-sensei looks a LOT like a green eyed Takano from Sekaiichi Hatuskoi and since Takano is my favorite character in Nakamura-senseis works. It’s hurting and confusing me! Stupid art similarities!
other then what i’ve said here, there’s really not much else to say on the episode. I think the animation picked up a little bit this episode perhaps. comparing the Kirishima from the previous episode we saw him in and this one. I’d say it’s a little cleaner.


and one last time, the thing I bring up every episode. WHERE’S MY EGOIST? at least Hiroki was mentioned this episode since he works at Misaki’s college. So that’s something.


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