Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 41: The Ace of F

Amon kept Saiko safe!

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Apologies for the late post! I’d completely forgotten I hadn’t done :re this week, haha. But yeah. Amon saved Saiko!

…That is Amon, right?

The ‘big black man’ had an Arata on after all, which is what he was wearing during his final confrontation with Kaneki – and he’s sporting the same billowing cloak that Floppy has. But I can think of three things which are odd about the current Amon, the first of which is that he seems to have a three-fingered arm. I guess this can be explained off by the fact that Kaneki did take one of his arms during their fight. If Kanou really did transplant Owl into him, then his new regenerative properties may have resulted in his arm looking the way it does now. At least he has an arm, right? And fingers. The second strange thing is that if he’s a half-ghoul, quinque material should hurt him – and yet he has an Arata on. No idea what sort of explanation that will have. And finally, why is Amon even here? I seriously doubt it’s a coincidence. Is Amon tracking Rose as well? Or is he keeping an eye on the Quinx and Haise?

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As for Haise – wow, he was badass this chapter. If he’s gotten stronger, does it mean he has more control over his kagune now? I loved how Urie just walks in on him performing crazy acrobatic feats, right after he thinks he’s finished a job well done – and he has. I was actually impressed by Urie both this week and last week, especially when he saved Mutsuki, so it’s a bit annoying to think that he’ll go back to being crazy jealous over Haise and wanting to be stronger than him. Kanae was unmasked, but I don’t think it’ll be a problem – I’m not sure if Urie recognized him, but voicing his findings would be the same as admitting that he almost had him, but let him get away. So his pride will probably stop him from talking. Kanae and Tsukiyama will probably get a good head-start on whatever it is they’re trying to do before the CCG catches on. Not sure why that involves visiting :re, unless he thinks nobody else knows about Kaneki being Haise, but hey, more Touka!

Also, is Eto as sexy as ever or what?

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2 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 41: The Ace of F

  1. Well, this chapter profess that Kanae is really not thinking stuff through. Now the CCG things he has connections to Aogiri and he tried to kill a squad. I swear to god, I really hope Tsu bitchslaps him when he lerns about this, no only is Kanae risking himself but everyone he knows as well, including his beloved Tsu. Other than that Urie and Mutsuki relly prove why they are rank 1 investigators. It also shows Uries development when he saved Mutsuki without thinking about promotion or other stuff (cough, I ship it). And while I also dont want Uries envy return, I guess he still has to develop more and a complett 180 would be unrealistic. About Amon, I think Kanou maybe modifided the Arata that it doesnt hurt him. I mean we saw that the Ghoul Mutsuki fought has a hole collection of Quinqes so this is not to unrealistik. I also think Floppy is probly spying on Aogiri to have suprice attacks on them. And when he saw Saiko in trouble his old sence of justice activated and he rescuted here Batman style. But let`s see how next chapter will go.

    1. Urie might have even recognized him as the guy who was lurking outside CCG HQ with Tsukiyama in a wheelchair. Now he knows those men were ghouls! Hooray!

      But yes, it probably makes more sense for Amon to be spying on Aogiri instead of the Quinx, since that’s who he escaped from.

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