So thank god we have our first full episode with Rachnera. And I have to say, she is not only a welcome addition to the team, she is by far the best thing in this episode. And not only that, half the episode is devoted to her. Which, in itself is amazing. However….this doesn’t help Cerea very much. What do I mean by that? Let’s start the recap.

So the episode starts off and Rachnera is making herself at home. Miia is being a bitch to her because she sees her as a rival, and when Rachnera playfully calls the main character “Darling”, Miia attacks her. To which Rachnera is completely amazing and owns her.

Seriously. Rachnera I don't care if you're a spider lady. Marry me.
Seriously. Rachnera. I don’t care if you’re a spider lady. Marry me.

Miia tries to get Cerea on her side, but ever being the neutral party, Cerea says that she has to respect Rachnera. And honestly, Miia says something REALLY REALLY dickish. I have to stop and talk about this. Miia says to Cerea this.


That’s right. The HALF SNAKE GIRL is saying that one of the girls looks weird. I.. I don’t even. Miia is reaching very hard because she jealous of anybody who gets close to the main character. She is petty, mean spirited, and VIOLENT to anyone who gets in the way of her and the main character. This isn’t endearing. This is like…call the police there’s a sociopath on the loose. Don’t forget in the previous episode she basically tried to kill the mermaid by fucking up the temperature. I have not found a single thing redeemable about this character and I honestly can’t even stand her being in the series.

Anyway, back to the episode.

After tying him up in the bathroom, that night, Rachnera shows up in the main character’s bedroom and basically tells him that she noticed that he hasn’t picked anyone yet, and because of that, she wants to just blatantly make a move.

See, Normally I wouldn't want to see a large spider above my bed. In this case....I'll make an exception.
See, Normally I wouldn’t want to see a large spider above my bed. In this case….I’ll make an exception.

Cerea then busts in and takes the main character away, running through town.

However, eventually she slows down and realizes that she has been very selfish trying to keep him away from Rachnera. She’s there to be a representative of her home land and she’s been very rude to Rachnera and very selfish wanting him to herself.

Then of course what seems to be the only two human assholes (other than the director) in this series show up. However, this time they’re not just harassing the monster girls, They’re going to flat out RAPE HER.


Oh come on. There’s being ignorant bigots, and then there’s FLAT OUT RAPISTS. I think they just put these guys in whatever situation they need for assholes to be in.

Anyway, Rachnera shows up and ties them all up because she’s awesome.


After she saves them, Cerea admits that she hates Rachnera as a person, but is grateful to her and respects her for what she did. Rachnera responds with the fact that all she ever wanted was for her to be honest with her and that’s why she’d been trolling. She doesn’t even mind that she hates her. She just wanted the honesty. can you hate her? She's adorable!
Aww…how can you hate her? She’s adorable!

The second half of the episode has to deal with the main character being sick. Smith shows up and warns the gang that he might be contagious so he has to be quarantined.

Considering this, the girls decide to send in Suu as she won’t get sick because she’s a blob…thing. However…all the girls decide to teach her different ways that they think she can help heal him. And…it’s about as perverted as you think

Unless the disease is erectile dysfunction, how is that going to cure ANYTHING?
Unless the disease is erectile dysfunction, how is that going to cure ANYTHING?

All the girls start getting at each other’s throats about what’s the best way to heal him, (moreso being perverted) and the one who snaps them out of it? Of course, Rachnera. Because she’s amazing.

Yeah, Rachnera, that marriage thing I was talking about? Still open.
Yeah, Rachnera, that marriage thing I was talking about? Still open.

Seeing how sick he is, Suu uses her mind reading powers to find out that it was actually her that made him sick when he went out looking for her in the rain and gave her his umbrella.

D'aw....okay that's cute.
D’aw….okay that’s cute.

And then we find out that Suu has magical water…boob..healing abilities. Yeah, i’m not quite sure what happened here either.

You gotta love magical boob drinking abilities.
You gotta love magical boob drinking abilities.

So he’s healed now, and Suu starts to talk in complete sentences, stating that she loves the main character as well.

Oh, and Smith gets sick. And that’s where the episode ends.

So, I have a few mixed feelings about this episode. First of all, this episode made me love Rachnera even more. She is such a trooper. She doesn’t even mind that someone HATES her. She just wants honesty. That’s EXTREMELY adult of someone and I respect the hell out of that. On the flip side though, I kind of lost a bit of respect for Cerea. I was very disappointed with her in the first half about how she hates Rachnera and then feels bad for herself. It really didn’t add to her character, to me, all it did was detract from it.

Really Cerea? This is some Miia shit here.
Really Cerea? This is some Miia shit here.

This definitely drops her down my list this week. And that’s sad as she was near the top for nearly the entire thing. I’m glad we got to focus on Rachnera though as I have nothing but good things to say about her and I can’t WAIT for more scenes with her.

The second half was interesting, because it was the first time I really got a feeling for why Suu would not be a terrible choice for the main character. It shows that she really does care for the main character, and, at the same time, shows that her and Rachnera are the only two that are not batshit insane.

Rachnera is perverted sure, but it’s a much more adult way of doing it, and a lot of the time she’s doing it just to troll because she knows how mad it gets the rest of them. On top of it, both Cerea and Miia are selfish and want them all to themselves. Rachnera doesn’t mind it if others are involved and just wants a happy home. (Also, that’s all Papi and Suu care about as well).

Seriously, do those look like the faces of girls who care?
Seriously, do those look like the faces of girls who care?

This week definitely changed the order around, and in ways I didn’t really expect. The scenes with Rachera were amazing and just make me sad she wasn’t here from episode one. I was a bit annoyed they brought back those SAME TWO HUMANS though to try to rape Cerea. It’s like…Really? Are those like the only two bigot humans in Japan?

All in all, it was a fun episode that focused a lot on Rachnera and surprisingly also on Suu. It was fun and I can’t wait for next week.

Episode 6.5/10

Girls who deserve to be with the main character

  1. Rachnera
  2. Suu3. Papi
  3. Cerea (You really screwed it up this week Cerea)
  4. Mermaid Chick
  5. Smith
  6. Miia




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  1. Mistic

    On Cerea’s defense, Rachnera spent the previous episode kidnapping her master for very selfish and dangerous reasons. For a lawful good character like her, that’s the worst. In fact, I’d say she gets points for being the one to tell Miia “really? do you think that a monster girl such as you or I should talk about other people’s appearances?”.

    Still, Rachnera is the best.

    1. Chris Marshall

      Yeah, Cerea’s hatred is honestly stems from Rachnera’s actions rather than her appearance. So I wouldn’t say as HIdeki pointed out that Cerea saying that she hated Rachnera is on the same level as Mia. Because when Mia hates you….its because you have a vagina and you’re standing 10 feet away from the “walking dick”. Essentially that’s why she hates Rachnera, along with throwing in the whole bigot thing. Cerea on the other hand, as you pointed out, hates Rachnera because of HER ACTIONS. Its honestly okay to not like a person because the way they act (like heck, you Hideki hate Mia because the way she acts). I mean I would take Cerea’s hatred over Mia’s any day.

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