This episode of Overlord featured an important moment of realization: Momonga has been saying he is no longer human, and this episode we finally see how true it is. While we as humans might find the loss of this episode to be large and painful: that is not the case for Momonga, who is now seemingly capable of seeing humans who try to be kind to him as nothing more than a setback for his goals. While you might think that this would make Momonga into a monster, I don’t exactly feel this way. This show can be very cerebral but you know what?

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I signed up for a show about a freakin’ Overlord! I don’t want Momonga to be compromised by human emotions. I want him to be a fair and just completely overpowered ruler who spreads his name for his goals everywhere. I don’t really want him to become completely evil but at the same time if he does, who can blame him? As he becomes more and more undead he is overwhelmingly surrounded by those who would show him humanity sucks anyway. Clementine in particular was disappointed that Momonga wasn’t crushed his ‘friends’ were dead and it was satisfying he wasn’t.

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Maybe this show is meant to evoke a feeling of losing your own humanity too. Are we supposed to grow to hate Momonga along with the more human members of the show, or are we supposed to feel empathy for him until we lose empathy for the humans? I think the greatest question of Overlord is whether we are supposed to retain our humanity and grow to hate the main character or to hate the humans as we remain empathetic to the main character.

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I really liked the adventurers in this story but to see how simply Momonga threw them away makes me conflicted. He still upheld his deal and we’re no longer able to hear his inner thoughts, which kept us grounded in his humanity. He still makes mistakes and is far from a perfect leader so I wonder: how much left is Momonga?

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I think the best way to decide how good this show is would honestly be to keep watching. Is this all an act? Will Momonga feel guilt? Is there any empathy left in him? Right now he is playing a role so there is no way we will know. The show is as amazing as ever but knowing Momonga will not take the fight with Clementine seriously no matter what both worries and frustrates me. Yet I’m still excited.

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As Overlord continues, we continue to see it is an enthralling and epic show. . .now give me back my crazy fucking batshit waifu you bastards.


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  1. WandererYS

    Well, one thing I like about this show is the difference between what Momonga said and does vs what he thinks. It makes the character much more interesting.

    Oh and lol @ the flying hamster (service by Nabe XD).

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