This week we have a hot-blooded, intense and charismatic duel between Shinji and Tsukikage. I was struggling to decide who I should cheer for! It was the complete opposite of episode 66’s duel.

YGO ARC V Ep 68 Img 18Shinji, boy… what a presence this guy has. Before he was just, you know there. But then today, holy shit- he came out like a storm. Better yet, because his presence was so strong, (I dare to describe it as a character apart of the main cast), I became conflicted of who to cheer for. In the beginning I wanted Tsukikage to win so Reira could face his fear or learn how he ‘isn’t going to be replaced’ (but it’s too soon for that!), but then as the duel went on, and Shinji did not stop with his rebellion speech, all I could think of was: ‘Oh man, if he lose here, I will feel terrible for him. Like seriously, after all that build up- if he lose, that would be EMBARRASSING’. In fact, I don’t think he don’t think it would matter who Shinji was up against, he would still preach the same thing had it been against Reira.

Shinji has faced countless trials, social discrimination, hurt and loss. He called himself the True Commoner, and was not afraid to call out and make it a grand speech of how he was dragged out of prison and thrown into this farce to entertain the tops. He was not afraid to rant about the divide, insult the tops, and deliver a powerful speech which moved the commoners in the audience, drawing their support, claiming how they, the people of the commons of, “We are the City”. This guys oozes charisma and leadership, and the way he was able to gather the commoners’ support, and set the arena’s security on the edge, because damn, I too thought there was going to be a riot.

YGO ARC V Ep 68 Img 28
… Is it just me or does he look similar to Roman Godmin from 5Ds?

However a riot, is in fact something Jean Rogers wants to happen. He embraces it, so he can exploit the need of security and make it so he can abuse his power of authority in the security bureau, and push whatever his evil plan is forward. The individual, or a I presume a cyborg behind him is certainly setting of red flags. It looks like he may potentially have an army of them (or simply programed robots)- oh my freaking god, I just realized something. What if Jean Rogers has this messed up project of turning the commoners whom he capture into cyborgs so he can control them and have them chase after their kind?!?!?! Totally wacky theory, but I wouldn’t put it entirely past him…

YGO ARC V Ep 68 Img 7Last week, after all the fuss, Reiji called in Tsukikage to step in for Reira’s spot. At that point it is safe to say a lot of us were confused, unsure about what is truly going through Reiji’s head. This episode only made it a greater concern. Upon hearing Reiji describe Tsukikage is a finely groomed duelist, a valuable member of the Lancers, Reira started freaking out. Because he wasn’t expecting Reiji to let go of his hand, and then talk to the board about Tsukikage, the first thought that came to mind was the fear of his spot being taken from him. From the get go, we know something is fishy going on because uh, this is started to get more and more messed up for Reira. The suspicions behind Reiji’s actions are furthered when at the end of th episode, he reveals to the board how Tsukikage’s loss was ‘part of the plan’ so he can investigate the forced labor, where the losers and others have been supposedly sent to.
Now this is where we go, ‘Hold up Reiji, what the fuck are you talking about?’ Last week he was goading Reira, he was pushing him to do his job, obey him. But what we need to remember before we lunge at him screaming ‘YOU MANIPULATIVE BASTARD!’: Reiji was not expecting Reira to actually speak up and have a heartfelt reason to not participate in his match-up. Tsukikage replacing Reira may have only sped up their plan to ‘lose’ so he can be sent down to the rumored forced labor camp.

Of course regardless of that said plan, Reira’s situation is one to be concerned about. We will have to wait and find out whether or not Reiji had taken this reaction into calculations, or this is a conflicted brewed by Reira’s traumatic childhood. He was used as a tool by many, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it became an instinct of fear when it comes to someone threatening to replace him. After all, in probably many cases in the past, if he were to be replaced, he would be cast aside and left for the dead. And what made it huge about this twist was how Reira’s budding heart shifted from being selfless to selfish. Reira was being selfless by not wanting to duel against Shinji, because he was grateful for his kindness, but then he became selfish when he wanted Shinji to win in order to reassure him Tsukikage wouldn’t take his spot.

Before I wrap it up, the last thing I wanted to say is: During the duel I was quite irked seeing Tsukikage constantly use the Action Cards (more so three times in his first turn). So much so, I actually tried to keep count. It appeared if I have counted correctly, they picked up nine action cards, and Tsukikage had used five of them. It was annoying to see the action cards be used so frequently like that, but now I wonder if it was a deliberate choice to increase the chances of his loss (which we learned at the end was part of Reiji’s plan). The only thing that is bothering me right now, is that it feels like, or at least I am sure- it has been FOREVER since we have last seen a bad action card be picked up! What happened to those?! I find it utterly pointless for them even have ‘bad’ action cards if they aren’t even going to use it more often. Nothing would ticked me off more if say: oh a big fight against a villain, Yuuri or anyone, and THEY pick up a bad card and BAM it helps get the main characters through- I would be flipping tables. God forbid that from ever happening, because it would be bad writing unless (thought barely excusable) it wasn’t a major fight and the story needed the character to just barely scrap about alive, but know better they would have lost had it not been for the said bad action card.



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  1. 75chaosflare

    I like how they pretty much shows what Tsukikage used to OTK Mieru, which is basically using ninja skills to grab as much actions cards as possible for making enough burn damage to win especially since they were dueling in a ninja-based field.
    It also draws my attention to Tsukikage’s character in general and confirming is the loss of his brother did indeed affect him in any way and it did. To be honestly I always did know he must have felt something but based on their school I figured they be the type to carry out the tasks no matter the cost and should something go bad it’s best to keep your emotions to yourself. Tsukikage made it perfectly clear that he’s not on anyone’s side and just doing his job something that Shinji provokes him by calling him an ass-kisser by comparing him to Security who do their jobs to get on the Tops good side; which understandably does piss him of by insulting his clan and emphasizing that his brothers loss was all for nothing. It wouldn’t also surprise me one bit if Tsukikage would also be secretly pissed at Reiji for treating most of the people’s lives including his problems during the Battle Royale incident like it was no big deal.
    It was also known that Tsukikage purposely dropped the match at the end under Reiji’s orders likely to start a rebellion for the Commons. Regardless of Reiji being a manipulative bastard he’s likely to me a one of a kind anti-hero especially in a Yugioh anime.
    Lastly, based on how unpredictable Arc-V tends to be I truly hope they have Yuzu win especially since she hasn’t dueled in a while and from what I heard the writer of the next episode is the same writer who did the Eita two parter and being of Prison Arc so I’m trying not to keep my hopes up too much.

  2. Elhienn

    In-Universe Shinji has a lot of charisma with the Commons, but out of universe… Oh boy, he has quite a lot of people that disliked him after this episode, me included.
    I would be ok and would even applaud if he was trying to move the Commons to stand against the abuse from the tops but I don’t agree at all with his callous treatment against Tsukikage.
    He made him the villain, he insulted his clan and accused him of things when Tsukikage didn’t do anything to deserve that, I lost my respect for Shinji after that, I hope he apologizes to Tsukikage after he helps busting Commons from the slavery camps.
    Tsukikage’s play style reminded me of Isao + Masumi so I didn’t mind, instead of relying on “luck” he was making use of the cards as discard fodder to deal damage and that + his agility makes a dangerous play, and I had a Jose flashback when he outrun his won bike pfff…
    Ah yeah, this card doesn’t specify “spell cards”, it can be any card added to the hand so maybe decks focused on drawing engine can abuse it, maybe. Heart of Underdog says hi.
    But yep, Horay for the Queen’s return next episode! Rumors says that either she’s going to use Synchro based on the title or going full tribute, which if it’s the later I would be happy to see her use some of the OCG/TCG cards like Shopina or Serenade(specially Serenade considering that her effect is tailored for tribute)
    Ah, and Yuya-Yuzu feels, a lot of it. 😀

    1. TS

      Honestly, I am kinda on Shinji’s side. He’s lived a life of humiliation, and he’s lived in a society which is, honestly, a steaming pile of lies and bullshit. He has no idea who Tsukikage even IS, but he made it pretty goddamn clear that he’s not at the Friendship Cup for dueling or entertaining. He’s there to make a point about society, not to play a game. He wants people to hear his message. In the face of that, sportsmanship is nothing but a fancy lie, so when Tsukikage sided with Melissa and said that he should just duel, Shinji was right to be pissed. He isn’t there to be a duelist or to adhere to meaningless customs: he’s there to wake his brothers and sisters up, and make them realize that they have to fight the oppression. Tsukikage should have kept his mouth shut.
      Also, Tsukikage works for the extremely shifty Reiji, who, as far as we know, is in cahoots with the Council, which is directly responsible for the Commons’ woes and sufferings. He isn’t exactly wrong to compare him to Security watchdogs.

  3. captainmarvel4ever

    This week’s episode was the generic vs the boring, two undeveloped characters who’s back stories and personalities we did not know (and still don’t completely know) until today. How did this episode affect my views of them? very little to be honest.
    This episode didn’t really make me see Shinji as a character, as much as it did a caricature, he seemed pretty shallow and angry. Don’t get me wrong I can see where the anger comes from, and I’m not saying he’s wrong to feel that way, but he came off as very unreasonable “The Tops aren’t nice, this makes me angry, let’s all get angry!”
    I even like how Tsukikage kind of commented on that
    Shinji: “Let’s f*ck em all up everyone!”
    Tsukikage: “Dude not for nothin but you’re bein kind of a d!ck”
    Shingi: “Shut up @$$hole, ninjas suck”
    Tsukikage: “What!? oh it is so on!”
    This is even more annoying since the past few episodes have shown us that the Friendship Cup actually has the potential to make things better without resorting to violence or an uprising. What’s even more concerning is that it looks like that may be Jean Michel Roger’s goal, oppress the Commons so that they will riot, which could open up the chance for him to take down the council and cease power for himself.
    I guess I can say I kind of like Shinji’s deck, but it did bug me how his trump card was a king and not a queen (That’s not how bee’s work!), plus he has a nice square jaw… and that’s about it.
    As for Tsukikage!… actually he’s pretty much the same, not much insight in this episode so I don’t like or dislike him.
    One positive I can say is the animation for this episode was extra good (although I wish they would have saved their A game for a more important episode)
    Lastly, The Duel Queen returns! seriously, it’s been so long since Yuzu did anything, I’m glad she’s back and hopefully she has some new tricks. I just hope she doesn’t lose to Chojiro, I think we can all agree he’s kinda overstayed his welcome.

    1. elior1

      so far beside dennis dual she won all her duals so i think she will win in this

  4. partner555

    Did you see the last action card Tsukikage had? If I remember right, that was the Avoid one, wasn’t it? If it was, Tsukikage deliberately threw the fight. Seems to me whatever Reiji is planning, Tsukikage is in on it. Shame that it appears Reiji didn’t fill in the other Lancers on it.

    1. Ken James

      Tsukikage’s voice actor confirmed on his Twitter that he did threw the match at the end under Reiji’s orders.

  5. Miriki Takato

    Before this episode, I didn’t care about borth characters, Shinji and Tsukage. this ep done a brilliant job to make me care about them, tbh.
    The duel was kinda blank because of the Action cards, but it is not important in this ep anyways. I just find it’s interesting that the Bee Force and Ninja clan have some similarities, like comrades stand for others. But while bees working together, the ninja working alone and only stand for others when that on in danger or died already. And while ninjas protect their lord like Tsukage said when summoning, Shinji made a point that his bees fight together when summoning. However, does Shinji realize that a bee nest still needs a queen, which is the top that he hates? LOL.
    I like Shinji as a leader, but his insult to Tsukage is unacceptable to me. He maybe going with the flow, sure, but like Tsukage pointed out, “there is no reason to insult the Fuuma clan”. Also, he stubbordly claimed Tsukage “you probably think down of me” even after Tsukage said ” i don’t look down on you or Commons”. Shinji was making Tsukage as a villain to increase his influece, and to me it isn’t any different from what the Top do to the Commons.
    Tsukage is still a well-who-cares character to me, but at least I remember his name now! And probably looking forward to his action in the labour.
    Yuya, oh my, he probably won’t accept this kind of duel because basically Shinji just used it for his objective there. If he gonna duel with Shinji it would be cool!
    Reiji is an asshole. And tbh, I don’t care about Reira’s reaction this ep… Last ep was intersting about him though.
    YUZU NEXT! HERE COME THE QUEEN. I would love to see Yugo’s face when he see How badass Yuzu is.

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