Episode 6 of Overlord returns to much of what the early series was doing. While there are some fight scenes that allude to just how powerful ‘Momon’ is even when he outside of his class, the majority of the time is spent getting to know the adventurer’s and alluding to the Alchemists knowledge and importance. If the earlier episodes were used to show how much Momonga had lost what made him human and had transformed very clearly into an Undead mage with power beyond compare, episode 6 of Overlord exists to show the man who was once Momonga still lives and breathes.

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I had expected Overlord to slowly sink into the territory of Ains ingratiating himself very solidly into the world of the NPCs and finding he loved and valued them the same. The show is very heavily hinting that this is a real fantasy universe that has been deeply affected by Yggdrisil and the potential players who came from it, but it’s almost plain to see that to Ains many of the people in the world are just NPCs. It hasn’t quite clicked to him that these people are as real as the friends he made in Ains Ooal Gown.

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The biggest challenge for Momonga seems like it is going to be coming to terms with his new reality while also remaining a person deep down. There comes a fear with the territory that Momonga might lose all humanity and really become an evil overlord if he loses sight of what made him human, but so far he clings desperately to the hope of seeing his friends again. Afterall, no one else will ever understand his immense powers or the world he truly came from.

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It’s always nice to remember that the beginning of the story was really a backstory. If this was just a fantasy universe it would be impossible to see Ains in the same light, but instead he is a naive and immensely powerful person who has to struggle with losing connection to all of his friends and the very world he was from. Ains seems to be a genuine gamer and really had no love or luster for his human life and yet the connections he made in the made up world of Yggdrisil mean more to him than anything he can even explain. He regards the relationships he made in the guild in a very loving way, the kind of way Albedo would kill to be referred to.

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I foresee that members of Yggdrisil will show up but likely no one from Ains Ooal Gown. The real trick I’m interested is seeing the newly revealed villains fight Ains in his current pretend state. The only reason any of them might stand a chance is that he is not his max level mage at the moment and they’re still looking pretty screwed thanks to his immense power. But you know what? The villains are terrible people and I want to watch Ains tear that smirking necromancy bullshit from the inside out.

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I can hope. Also, albedo with a body pillow of Ains. . .I love her and fear her at the same time.


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  1. WandererYS

    Hmmm. The anime didn’t seem to do justice for Clementine’s armor. It should be more colorful. It just looks brown in the scenes we were shown.

    I checked her anime design from the official website. Yup, the armor was designed as brown all right. Too bad they didn’t follow the original design.

    1. Vantage

      At least her voice is amazing though. That Yuuki Aoi goodness.

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