Honestly I have no idea what Prince Izana is thinking either. This Howl look alike makes me uneasy.

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Don’t you have a moving castle to look after?
I actually felt this episode to be rather weak, which is a strange thing for me to say since I’ve been enjoying every episode so far. What the hell is Izana trying to do? Is he trying to kick out Shirayuki from the castle? Is he trying to motivate Zen to act out on his feelings? I feel like that’s really what the episode was trying to do: get the Zen/Shirayuki ship moving. There were a lot of hints that was pushing for more romance between them, like Zen blushing at Shirayuki in her uniform, being disappointed that she wasn’t upset that she wouldn’t be seeing him for awhile, Raj thinking he and Shirayuki are lovers, etc. I mean these two have been touchy with each other since the beginning, so I guess they’re finally going to get this ship going?

But really I think they’re making things a little too subtle? I don’t know, I found some of the dialogue from this episode to be pretty vague and confusing. I don’t know what Shirayuki realized in the end where she was calling out for Zen. Was it that she realized her feelings for him? And from the preview it looks like there might be a possible confession. And if not it’ll be something that’ll further their romance. I guess.

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You can really see the difference between Izana and Zen when it comes to ruling. Izana seems to rule more with an iron fist while Zen is a lot more soft and caring. Zen didn’t place any blame on the soldiers at the fort and didn’t give them any type of punishment, so Izana placed said punishment on Zen himself. Izana is an interesting fellow too, pretty mysterious as I can’t really tell what he’s thinking or what he’s trying to do. He seems a little conniving. Again…I just…don’t know? For some reason I’m a little lost in this episode. What good reason does he have to kick Shirayuki out? She’s just a commoner and she’s not doing anything wrong, so just what reason is there to send her back with Prince Raj? And then what? Is he testing Zen to stick up for himself or something? I just want to know what his intentions are, and I really hope we’ll see that next week.

I don’t know, I just thought this episode was…meh. The fact that I’m confused with that’s going on, I can’t really talk about much. I hope he’s not trying to send Shirayuki away just because, because we just had this happen before. Guy tries to kick Shirayuki out of castle because…I hope there’s some good reason. Also, even though I don’t like him, Raj was probably the best part of this episode because his stupid reactions had me rolling.

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  1. kinghumanity

    From an outsider’s point of view Izana’s actions make sense, right? The prince of a kingdom suddenly is hanging around a suspicious foreigner woman, who is allowed pretty much free access through the castle, and even befriends his closest guards?

    1. Berry

      Yeah I guess but this has been done before with Lord Haruka so this is kinda boring? :/ And I found it odd that Shirayuki didn’t take a stand against Izana like she did with Lord Haruka. Probably because he’s the first prince I guess.

  2. zztop

    Izana has more authority in the palace not just because he’s first prince. He’s also [spoiler] Prince-Regent of Clarines. Note a prince regent’s duty is to rule the kingdom on the monarch’s behalf, especially if the monarch is incapacitated or absent… [/spoiler]

  3. Nikolita

    This show is like fanservice for people like me who find ships really easily. I was going to read the manga once I caught up to episode 10, but now I don’t know if I want to wait until the end of the season or not. Either way, I’m enjoying all of these hugs and contact between Shirayuki and Zen. ;3

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