So as it turns out we are no in for an actual plot and character death: the mage simply reappears this episode. I’m not going to cry over my booby show failing to really live up to my hopes of an actual plot, though. Instead we move right along to the concept of chests. We’ve kind of hit this topic before when we talked about selling every item to buy an item you’ll find soon in a chest, but this one is a more direct “you never find what you need in chests” and all I can say is: Where is the lie?

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How many times have you really needed mana and found a mana potion in the chest you looked in? How many times have you found an elixir for your dying party members in the room right next to you? No, I found Morrigan’s mother’s secret book of evil but I never found the freakin Greater Health Poultice you assholes! Stop giving me elfroot I am out of flasks and I can do nothing like this!

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Even better is how the episode calls to attention ‘key items’ that do nothing other than mark your progress. Your key item list is essentially ‘wow so you finally got through the scenes with Garnet and you have Eiko in your party and they traded gem stones so wow you have those gem stones the story matters!’ the worst offenders are special items in dungeons that have no bearing on anything. At least in Final Fantasy they usually tell a story- but there is always a freakin’ time you’ll find a mirror when you’re paralyzed and wish the last monster would’ve just put you out of your mystery.

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Glad to have you back, Mage, but damn if that ancient relic keeper wasn’t foine.


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  1. gorgonzola

    I don’t have issues with animes to the point of venting anywhere but I just marathoned this one and found missed chances and things to hate.:/
    But yeah it’s supposed to be about jigglez

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