Up until this episode of Bikini Warriors the show actually had some semblance of a plot. Normally it’s very consistently mocking some element of RPGs and it actually gave me something to talk about rather than the ferocious nature of boobies in my face. Don’t get me wrong folks, I would not have covered Bikini Warriors for 12 episodes if I didn’t like boobies. There is nothing wrong with a pair of jiggly jugs in your face and raising your awareness to the sensitivity of bikini equipment in your anime. But this shit has finally gone too far. I can’t tell if the final episode of Bikini Warriors is mocking everything about RPGs in general or if it’s just throwing in everything possible about endings until it’s a mess of incoherent babble and an excuse to show us every single scene of fanservice they missed and then literally have an ending sequence showing us most of the fanservice from the past episodes.

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It’s hard to explain just how much they do. They push a lot of fights together, bring back Hunter and Valkyrie, take on the demon king, have an ending, then have a preview for a potential second season- all in the normal 4 minutes. As you can imagine that doesn’t make much sense. It was clear they almost tried to have a lampshade for endings (This is the legendary sword! We’ll fight to save the Earth from your rule at any cost! etc) but they were also unabashedly trying to throw in as many lesbian sex scenes as they could. Well, it’s not like I didn’t expect that from Bikini Warriors but…yeah. Ultimately it was the only episode I didn’t really ‘enjoy’ because it was so much of a clusterfuck.

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So how do I talk about this anime in a nutshell? It’s tits, people. Literally tits. This entire show is about giant ginormous boobies and are you really here to see me defend it? Is anyone here hoping I’m going to discuss the nature of this show like it was meant to be a profound lampshading of anime? If it wanted to be that then they would have, solely for the sake of ending on a clever and intriguing note, thrown away the fanservice. No, this episode proves the show wanted a clever way to pull in people to fanservice. And it worked! Good job anime, you have succesfully made enough funny jokes and hidden agenda to make your bouncy boob ball anime a bouncing boob ball busting bad boys balls everywhere. .b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b. There are so many boobs I’m going to explode.

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Should you watch this show? No, no one should. Are you a filthy pervert who loves boobs and isn’t afraid to compromise their integrity to get them? This show is harmless if the answer is yes. There are far things worse than this show and yet if you want an unabashed breast fest with plot you should probably go watch High School D x D. You know what you’re in for, with this show. You know what your standards are. How can I sit here and compare this show to a real anime like Psycho Pass or Evangelion when you fucking knew what this was. We all fucking knew. I knew. If we were holding it up to classics it would easily be a 2. It is garbage.

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Delicious garbage. So I’m rating it on a pervert scale: 5/10. The episodes are too short to truly be the perverts dream. . .but it’s aight. DON’T WATCH THIS SHOW IF YOU BELIEVE IN THINGS AND DON’T WANT TO SEE BOOBS. I cannot stress this enough there is no logic here.

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