This episode literally played out like a final episode. Everything about this episode was like, hey, you know, this is the final episode. But that shit was unfair and uncool cause that was not the legit truth at all. Episode 12 of Overlord is instead a giant battle of epic awesomeness that you are sure Ains is going to lose and that nobody on his team thinks he can actually win (except Albedo). My biggest complaint is actually not valid because he does it for a reason, but he doesn’t fight in really cool gear at the end and I’m really butthurt over that. He does it for a pretty good reason as far as I’ve heard but come on, cool aesthetics!

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In reality the whole episode is very cool. It would really undermine how cool Ains is to have him outright win, but I wanted him to. Everyone doubts Ains-sama but Albedo. . . .okay, so Albedo might be my spirit animal. It was very fun seeing Ains prepare for everything Shalltear had to offer. We actually see someone has cursed her to attack and kill anyone who attacked her: which is pretty funny. Had Ains not attacked her nothing would have happened, or perhaps had she attacked a tiny object she might’ve gone to normal? Alas, I know it isn’t true. She has to be weak to use altering items, I believe.

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Still, seeing yet another side of Shalltear was all too interesting. Her true vampire form was horrifying but in truth it wasn’t even her strongest form, the Dark Valkyrie, and I loved seeing her armored form. It’s so hard to get into the details of everything because it boils down to: MP war, Shalltear goes offensive and Ains largely reacts, Shalltear gets low on skills, uses magic, Ains defends but is weak to holy magic, they broil down, he uses his ultimate skill only after she uses her ultimate skill, the episode ends with him basically saying she is dumb cause he is not helpless without MP and it cuts off right there so we have no idea the true epic ownage he is about to inflict. End episode. It’s a very simple summary and unless you want to list off all the abilities used, it’s also the jist of it all.

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Ultimately my feelings are summed up in a ‘u mad bro’ meme. I’m mad. Fucking cliffhangers. I literally want to throw fucking toaster ovens at this fucking episode. I hope Midnight enjoys her final episode but the way they fucking played off this episode I won’t be surprised if next episode is a cliffhanger too. Sons of bitches. I tried to contain myself for the first part of the review but that ending made me go completely silent and then just stare at my browser for 15 minutes. Fucking anime. Why do I even watch this shit?

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….because this show is fucking perfect. Dammit.

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    1. Oki

      Overlord is one of those rare shows that incurs my wrath for taunting me with more

      1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

        May the “Overlord Production Committee” appease your wrath with excellent figures, artbooks and more to hold you over until season 2 😀

        1. Oki


          1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

            Oh..? Who exactly? Hmm, I suppose that’ll be a special surprise that we may see on the blog at some point in the future!

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