When one is reviewing a show about punching and power levels it is quite difficult to explain the semantics and the feelings. How do you explain the sheer awesome of two gods fighting? There are some things to summarize but understand until things of mental fortitude occur, I can’t exactly talk about the levels of psychological stress Goku is under or anything. Well I could, but here’s a summary: oh no Beerus is going to blow up the Earth! Goku has the entire human race on his hands. . .again!

[KamiFS]_Dragon_Ball_Super_-_011_(720p x264)_[8Bit]_[E942425F].mkv_20150923_232856

The show is funny. The show is action packed. Everything is interesting and it doesn’t lose even an ounce of that Dragon Ball feel. Perhaps too much so, as Goku finally feels extraordinarily powerful but there were still humorous moments. At least it finally feels like it is edging back to the Dragon Ball Z content and not just Dragon Ball.

[KamiFS]_Dragon_Ball_Super_-_011_(720p x264)_[8Bit]_[E942425F].mkv_20150923_232646

We see that Goku looks like he is winning for awhile: but that is a load of shit. Beerus is actually taking it easy on him so he can master his God powers and actually be a fun fight. I will say I chalk up a lot to Beerus’ loneliness, how terrible must it be to never have an equal again? That along might drive me to the sheer insanity Beerus seems to wield. Of course everyone buys into Beerus’ ploy and they all think Goku’s winning. Eventually Beerus grows sick of it and is about to blow up the Earth (again)- but somehow getting his ass kicked has inspired a dying will from Goku.

[KamiFS]_Dragon_Ball_Super_-_011_(720p x264)_[8Bit]_[E942425F].mkv_20150923_232751

I think what would be more interesting than this is seeing Goku actually stand a chance. I know the whole appeal of this arc is that Beerus is well, ungodly powerful ahahahaha, but it’s never fun to see our hero always lose.  Here’s hoping to a more fair fight next week! Not to say it isn’t fun watching the stupid fight scenes this show cooks up. . .oh Dragon Ball Super.


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  1. higgsbosoff

    Well, that second to last screenshot surely wins the “hilarious taken out of context pic” this week :D.

    1. Oki

      I live for uncomfortable implications 😀

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