This is the second time in the show that I have been forced to watch a character I like kill another character I like. All I can say to defend this episode is that everything Lou does seems partially sane when you compare it to the vindictive and definitely insane character of Inori. The episode begins with Inori’s crazy antics and ends with Lou murdering someone that I like- and while both make me very angry I am much more confused about Lou the more I learn about her. Inori might be going crazy because of Red Dragon but she genuinely tortures Eyhka – meanwhile Lou is going crazy because of a sword but we see this sword basically enslaves any who see it.

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When you look back on episode one you can honestly see a different show than the one we are at now. It’s so strange to consider that Ibuki had to actually kill Mashiro because to date he has never willfully taken another life beyond the people he killed with the power. Having to kill his friends was meant to be a huge development but even now we see him lamenting over his fortunes and thinking he has no power because Inori is the king or what have you. He is laboring to stop her but ultimately pushing away Eyhka which I am banking will result in some terrible fortunes for him later on. I wouldn’t put it passed this show to make Eyhka’s death a real possibility now in order for her to feel she has been validated.

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On the note of Eyhka, I feel she is simultaneous for Ibuki moving on. If he can grow to love her and strive to protect her much as he did with Mashiro (as in, not even thinking before offering up everything he has for her life) then he can probably forgive himself and find a new completion in his life. I am not sure where the show will take this theme: Will Ibuki ultimately have to sacrifice Eyhka to stop his mad sister or will Ibuki finally figure out his curse and perhaps stop his sister while sacrificing no one? This episode Ibuki was slightly annoying and we didn’t get much continuation on that question but with only a few episodes to go we are going to find out sooner rather than later.

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Sweallow has become endearing but we finally see that he is also the object of affection for several women. Namely the biggest revelation is that despite Ulrika’s general hesitations towards Sweallow she grew to love him for his sheer ability to value the lives of others despite his own suffering. Ulrika comes the closest we have seen to killing Lou and if it weren’t for the spiffy new hand she got, she likely would have lost. While the earlier deaths of characters didn’t hurt so bad, seeing Ulrika die so tragically was painful. The music really played how harsh a struggle this whole death was: if Ulrika dies then the growth Sweallow has shown will be lost as one of the fruits of his labor, gaining a true friend, is lost.

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Sweallow is doomed. He has lost someone who cared about him, has a vulnerable spot in his armor, caused this shift in the magic, has the potential to betray Black Dragon WHO HOLDS THE LIFE OF HIS MOST PRECIOUS PERSON IN HIS CLAWS, and is just wafting through this battlefield of mines. Sweallow is going to die or lose everyone he loves at this rate. I have this odd feeling either he or Lou will set off Ibuki’s transformation to fuck all of you land but I’m not quite sure who will do it.

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As we move to the final episodes, hot damn, stop killing people I like Lou!