Gakkou Gurashi ep 9 is hard to talk about because the entire episode is filler from the manga. It’s hard to call it outright filler because it does serve a purpose, but it was ultimately filler. This kind of episode in a normal moe show is exactly the kind of thing that I don’t like. I normally just can’t stand episodes whose sole purpose are to have fun and go on little nuanced trips of excitement for people. 90% of this episode did little more than make me want to gag with it’s obligatory panty shots and cute moe moe faces.

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That being said, it’s important you know I feel this way so I can stress my opinion. While this episode was largely unnecesary and I do think there is something to be said against moe shows, much to the chagrin of some reviewers, I can’t hate this episode. I feel like this was needed. We just walked into some heavy content and ultimately this show serves a very big point: this show perfectly represents how real teenage girls would probably act in a zombie apocalypse. If you take into context that this is in Japan this show hits the nail on the head.

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I think there have been great zombie representations out there but so few really show what younger girls would feel. Gakkou gurashi sticks a bunch of young girls together and says “here how do you think these girls feel!” and you see it. Every one of these girls is starting to break down and feel helpless. Yuki is the only thing keeping them on the opposite end as well as Taromaru ! Well, funny story. This episode serves to show just how fragile they are underneath it all and how important it is not for Yuki to maintain her own illusion for herself but to allow the girls ot have an illusion for just a moment as they try to face the truth of their world.

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The episode did not end well. This moment of happiness is about to fade. And you know what purpose this happiness served? It will break all of us, and these girls, even more.


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  1. trejon pearson

    I forgot they were high schoolers lol this episode did everything to show how well developed the girls are lol I’m totally looking forward to next week and can’t wait to see Yuki totally break down

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