Well that took a totally different direction. Here I was nervous on how and when Hotaru was going to tell the guys that she’s really a girl, and then things went to shit and Masamune ruined everything.

[HorribleSubs] Aoharu x Kikanjuu - 10 [1080p].mkv0055And I understand him. I really do, but honestly I kinda wanted to punch Masamune too because just like Yukimura said, why is he acting like the victim when Hotaru is the one that’s hurting? Knowing how much Hotaru loves survival games, he kicks her out of the team. He tells her that he only needed a third member for the TGC and that was it. But the real reason for kicking her out of the team was because he didn’t want to drag her down further into his personal baggage with Midori and lead into more intense and emotional battles that might cause her to start to hate survival games. He doesn’t want to hurt her. But ironically, by kicking her out of the team, he’s hurt her. Yukimura is completely against this and lashes out at him. Because of Masamune lying, Hotaru misunderstands and thinks that the reason why Masamune kicked her out of the team was because she was weak and couldn’t help them win against Hoshishiro. So she feels like shit, and then the next day…

[HorribleSubs] Aoharu x Kikanjuu - 10 [1080p].mkv0083

Hotaru charges into Midori’s office and tries to kill him. Yup, totally rational.

She talks about wanting his head and all that, of course she can’t really have his head because…that’s a fake gun. But basically what she really wants to do is prove her strength to Masamune and defeat Midori so she can return to the team. Of course Midori and Fujimoto tell her to chill and put the gun away because she looks like a crazy person. Afterwards they both take her out to eat at a gun maid cafe and there she tells them that she was kicked out of Toy Gun Gun. Honestly I was surprised she was having such a normal conversation with them after what happened, especially with Midori. She says she thinks she’s weak which is the reason why she was kicked out and that’s why she wants to claim Midori’s head. It’s then that Midori makes that sneaky face and points to a backdoor in the cafe and says they’ll be playing a game. Which we’ll then see next week.

[HorribleSubs] Aoharu x Kikanjuu - 10 [1080p].mkv0092Masamune has a deep grudge with Midori. The fact that he kicked Hotaru out of the team means he’ll continue to fight against Midori. Whatever happened between them has really affected him, and I really just want to know when things went wrong because they seemed to be close friends. Even though I’m kinda mad at Masamune, I understand why he did what he did and said what he said. If he told Hotaru his true reason for kicking her out, she probably would have protested everything and they would have had a big fight where she’d say that she’d never hate survival games because of his personal problems and all that. They’re probably going to have that argument later anyway. But right now, things are worse. And poor Hotaru was never able to tell them about her gender.

Interesting to note, Yukimura mentioned that Masamune kicked Hotaru out because he didn’t want her to hate survival games, like their other teammate? And no it’s not the girl. From who we saw it was a guy, someone totally different! I’m curious if we’ll ever see him with the short time we have left with this show. Or maybe not, who knows. We haven’t met the past female Toy Gun Gun player.


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  1. I noticed that too! The player Masamune said ended up hating survival games wasn’t female. Maybe it was Midori? Of the characters we know, he’s the only one it could be. It has been implied that he used to be part of Toy Gun Gun, so maybe!

    1. Berry

      I was thinking it maybe could have been Midori too, but he seems to really REALLY love survival games. In a really twisted and sadistic way, so I’m not too sure? But seeing as he and Masamune were friends then I believe he was probably on the team at some time.

  2. trejon pearson

    I believe the other member that ended up hating it was the guy that was in the cafe the sneaky guy in the background with the Hoodie on notice he reacts when they mention toy gun gun

    1. Berry

      I almost forgot about him! Yeah I knew that hooded guy was odd, you may be right.

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